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Tony Gonzalez’s latest dunk came after his touchdown catch that restored a 10-point Falcons lead after they gave up two TDs. And that came after they had a 17-point lead. Breathing is still difficult right now.

Yep, just five combined touchdowns in the first half, three coming from Matt Ryan’s arm. Neat.

Michael Strahan and Usher approve…


Also, we too would like some cash, Colin Kaepernick. Thx.

DeCoud the best.

And his hands. Also, he’s pretty good at football.

That 20-yard touchdown catch was the first play of the second quarter, and it was just the latest in what’s already a stupid good day for Julio Jones. In just the first quarter he had 100 receiving yards on five catches, and now with this grab he has two long touchdowns, with the other one a 46 yarder.

Say, what did the Browns get for Jones again? And what is a Cleveland Brown? How does it work?

We see coaches, cameramen, and other members of the vast sideline entourage get plowed all the time. Football is a fast-paced game for the elite athletes on the field, so for the sometimes tubby guys on the sideline, getting out of the way isn’t easy.

But at least they’re facing the play, and can prepare for an oncoming bulldozing. Security guards are doing security things, and looking up into the stands. That’s why sometimes, this happens…

The game was stopped briefly as medical personnel attended to the security guard.

During the regular season the longest completion allowed by the 49ers was a 53 yarder, putting their secondary in a tie for first with Buffalo in that category. Now, just seven plays into the NFC Championship, the Falcons have a touchdown reception which came only seven yards short of that season long.

It was a 46-yard TD pass to Julio Jones, who already has four grabs just seven minutes into the first quarter. Hey, Dashon Goldson, I think you were supposed to have the deep help there.

Also, biting on that play fake with one of the fastest dudes on the field running deep probably wasn’t a good idea. Just sayin’.

You think this is good? You should see what he can do with a few pairs of pliers and a bag of ice. I know, I’m confused too.

Bill Belichick is not amused.