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Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about gameplans. He’s responsible for some of best the NFL has ever seen, so you couldn’t blame him if he was to recycle one every now and then. It’s a habit that’s worked frequently.

Against the Denver Broncos in Week 12 (his team’s AFC title game opponent), there were shades of the 1991 Super Bowl gameplan that he used to thwart the Buffalo Bills’ high-powered, fast-paced offense. If he used a similar approach again this weekend it wouldn’t surprise anyone, including former New York Giants area scout Greg Gabriel, who worked with Belichick for six seasons.

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Tom Brady lost like a zillion receivers this offseason. What of it?

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Someone. Individual. Subject.

Those were the words that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick used to identify former tight end Aaron Hernandez during his Wednesday afternoon press conference. Hernandez, an exceptionally talented player, won’t suit up in a Patriots uniform again after allegedly murdering multiple individuals. As a consequence, the Patriots have been forced to reconfigure their offense.

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Type Armond Armstead’s name into YouTube, and you’ll stumble upon a six-minute clip that highlights the talent of the 22-year-old defensive lineman. As expected, there are plays of hell-raising, and backfield penetration throughout the video. It’s supposed to be that way — it’s a highlight film after all — and then once you watch a full-length game of his, you’re supposed to come away somewhat disappointed.

Except you don’t.

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No, he’s not a real-life Benjamin Button too, although it’s possible. We’ll await confirmation.

The Patriots like to pass the football a fair bit. You may have noticed this, and it’s a product of their quarterback being named Tom Brady. While no one was near Matthew Stafford in pass attempts during the 2012 season because the concept of running was entirely foreign to the Lions (he finished with 727 attempts), Brady was one of only three other quarterbacks to attempt at least 630 passes (he finished at 637).

That means anyone in the Patriots’ offense who gets targeted with any degree of frequency will have some fantasy value. Clearly on the high end of that right now are Danny Amendola, and the fearsome tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. But there’s value to be had further down both the Patriots’ depth chart, and your draft board.

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That’s Stevan Ridley, and he’s bigger than you. You may be taller (he’s 5’11″) and you may even be fatter (he weighs 220), but he’s still bigger because he’s both of those things. He’s a lean and finely tuned athletic machine, and now he’s sculpted himself even further to make hurting people easier.

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I began this glorious day by looking at three players — yes, actual people, and not just picks — who could be traded over the next three days. This will shock you, so you should probably sit down: I forget things. Sometimes, I forget what day it is, and several times I’ve even almost neglected to put on pants in the morning. It happens.

On this particular day, I forgot to include Ryan Mallett in that post, as he’s also a very worthy candidate to be traded and employed by a different team in the very near future. So let’s make up for that omission now, because the Mallett to Cleveland talk is a thing again.

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