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Shonn Greene could sit out for the entire second half of the Jets’ game against the Colts and have a few hero popsicles just like old times in Pop Warner. Maybe grandpa will also chuck in a slice of pizza, and then he’ll go home and play Mega Man. This is also known as my average Saturday night.

Of course, he’s not sitting out for the second half, because that just wouldn’t make any sense. No, none at all, especially after in the first half Greene was just three yards short of his season-high of 94 rushing yards in Week 1. Yep, three yards short of a season-high in two quarters, and with two early third quarter carries he’s now exceeded that mark with over 26 minutes of game clock left.

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Typically, when a movie star goes on a promotional tour, they glad-hand with doting interviewers who seem to grovel in their presence and will essentially orgasm every time said celebrity says anything even remotely funny.

Liam Neeson is not a typical movie star.

When Neeson went on ESPN’s SportsCenter to promote his upcoming movie Taken 2, he didn’t even try to pretend to know anything about sports (especially football), and what followed was one of the most delightfully awkward interviews I have ever seen.

First of all, he didn’t even know that the interview was live. And when he found out that it was, he immediately uttered the word “shit”.

The rest of the interview was a mass confusion of terribly answered sports questions and poorly shoehorned movie references.

The high water mark came about a minute in, when ESPN’s Mike Hill, in a desperate attempt to try to move past the un-bleeped expletive, asked Neeson about Tim Tebow and the quarterback controversy brewing in New York,. Neeson’s sheepish response was “See, you’re speaking ancient Arabic to me”.


Although, to be fair to Neeson, I’m pretty sure ‘Tim Tebow’ is ancient Arabic for ‘Wobbly Spiral’.

Hat tip to Sports Grid for the video

Your face intrigues me.

While Rex Ryan is busy fighting off rumors of his team’s surrender to the 49ers last week, Jets owner Woody Johnson is making news in the tri-state area for all the wrong reasons.

First there was his endorsement of Mitt Romney – completely within his rights – that somehow ended up involving his football team and how much he values them. Woody puts his country first, moron. So even if the Jets went 2-14, MetLife was a barren wasteland on Sundays and profits tumbled it would not matter as long as Romney won the Presidential race.

This, of course, is horse shit. But that doesn’t matter in terms of the Jets on field product, which isn’t doing so hot either. Mark Sanchez is enjoying a horrendous spell which has seen calls for his even worse backup multiply amongst the sane and insane of the Jets fan base.The New York tabloids have shown restraint, willing to see if Sanchez can play himself out of his funk. Restraint and tabloid being written in the same sentence is yet another sign of the impending apocalypse. Read the rest of this entry »

Not the most surprising news of the day, but it’s worth reporting. Holmes suffered a gruesome foot injury that ended in the most comedic way possible on Sunday. The Jets have signed Jason Hill to replace Holmes in a sign the Jets may finally be done with the sham signings that have set the franchise further off course.

Though owner Woody Johnson is putting his country first this year – cough bullshit cough – it seems he’s finally learned. Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocino were staring him in the face and he didn’t blink. Progress!

And by extension, the Jets could be too, along with Mark Sanchez. It’s been a slice, you guys.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and although there are sources attached to this latest report, it’s a highly-connected rumor at this point. Read Manish Mehta’s words carefully:

“The feeling in the organization”

That’s been the feeling ever since Santonio Holmes was carted off the field Sunday during the Jets’ loss to San Francisco. Or at least it was for fans and Holmes owners, but the Jets have only confirmed so far that their top receiver won’t play in Week 5, and he’ll likely be out multiple weeks.

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Not a troll post. Honest, and for realz.

A little later this afternoon I’ll consume more caffeine and hit many keys to write my weekly waiver wire manifesto in which I seek out the top three waiver adds at each offensive position prior to the regular Tuesday night claiming deadline.

A fellow named Tim Tebow will likely, maybe, probably be featured there too, but let’s explore him more thoroughly here first. As a fantasy option in his current situation, Tebow is equal parts intriguing, and useless.

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Continuing our weekly Monday carnage, we have our first official word from camp Jets — which, unbelievably, is actually worse than Kamp Krusty — regarding the state of Santonio Holmes’ foot.

The initial word isn’t definitive, as is its nature, but one thing is clear from the mouth of head coach Rex Ryan: Holmes will be out for at least one week.

That’s what Ryan told the locusts of the New York media, although whether there should be optimism or pessimism associated with the rest of his words remains unclear, as the Jets still aren’t sure of a specific timetable for Holmes’ return, hinting strongly at a multiple-game absence. The X-rays came back negative, which usually means fun times, but perhaps not here. Ryan ruled out damage to the Achilles’, but greeted a question about the dreaded Lisfranc injury that sidelined Matt Schaub last year with a more tentative response, offering only an “it’s hard to say.”

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