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Like all undrafted rookies, Titans linebacker and former Clemson standout Jonathan Willard has to claw his way onto the roster, a fight that’s about to start during training camp. Surely that was on his mind Tuesday afternoon as he was driving from South Carolina to the Titans camp in Tennessee. Surely, he didn’t expect to see a car slowly being engulfed with thick black smoke in front of him on Interstate 40.

But there he was, in the right place at the right time to save a woman, her three small children, and her dog.

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During weak moments, I’ve forgotten the “fantasy” part of fantasy football. Profane words have been said in a dark living room at a rather high volume, and sometimes objects were thrown. Yes, I’ve felt shame.

But from now on in these weak moments when I begin to feel deep regret, I’ll think about the time Maurice Jones-Drew’s fullback maybe/possibly considered not blocking for him to win a fantasy matchup.

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Matthew Stafford’s performance this past season declined, and sometimes drastically. Although both the quarterback himself and his coaches will continually deny it, his mechanics resembled those of a panicked schoolyard chucker who’s far more of a thrower than a quarterback. When faced with even a hint of pressure he’d lob a sidearm throw, or fail to plant his feet to ensure the most accurate placement possible.

That means now — right now — is the best time to secure him with an extension.

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Victor Cruz has finally been paaaid. And while his final financial worth doesn’t match what he was originally seeking oh so long ago when this contract squabbling began (a reported $10-11 million annually), the Giants receiver is still doing just fine for himself, thanks, and he’s making a few more dollars than you and I.

Jay Glazer was the first to report that an agreement between Cruz and the Giants has finally been reached on a new five-year contract which will pay the vertical threat $43 million. That functions as an extension added to the one-year tender he had already signed, meaning in total the Giants have committed to Cruz for six years at a price of $45.879 million, $15.6 million is guaranteed.

Cruz is now the league’s 17th highest paid receiver, according to Rotoworld. So if you’re keeping score at home, this is another victory for owners who profit from players breaking themselves. But hey, concussions and stuff.

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New England Patriots v Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s a day when another detail of Aaron Hernandez’s past will emerge and remind us that he’s a horrible person. And it seems that 2007 was an especially scummy year for the former Florida Gator who was once in the virtuous presence of Tim Tebow.

Yesterday afternoon the latest Hernandez dirtbag evidence came in the form of a busted eardrum. Yes, a punch from Hernandez is capable of causing that damage, even one from a 17-year-old Hernandez who really didn’t want to pay for his drinks at a Gainesville establishment. The damaged ear belonged to a security guard who attempted to show him the door and may or may not have been all up in the former tight end’s grill. Tebow tried to stop the fight, but failed, and charges were never filed because the only entity more disgusting than Hernandez is college football. Neat.

Alright then, so are you ready for today’s fun? Of course you’re not. But here we go…

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I’d like everyone to collectively gasp at the same time as we remember that under Urban Meyer, Florida Gators players not named Tim Tebow frequently engaged in scumbag behavior, and said behavior was pushed aside by some combination of Meyer, the power of cash from boosters, and local authorities who shrugged and carried on.

But one such incident that involved now possible murderer (innocent until proven guilty, yada yada) Aaron Hernandez also included the one we know as Tebow.

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I don’t buy jerseys anymore. Partly because I’m pushing the age of 30 (I hear this is when all muscle function stops), but mostly because they’re not a thing that’s cheap, and I have a closet filled with the broken dreams of my youth in the form of discarded jerseys after the player in question either signed elsewhere or was traded. The T-shirt jersey (or Shirsey, for the real cool characters out there) is another matter, since it’s much more economically viable.

A lot of people do buy jerseys still, though, enough that it may in fact be an entire business for some, and the centerpiece of the greasy sports merchandise industry. And right now, Patriots fans are wondering what they’re going to do with that jersey in their closet which has the name of an accused murderer on its back. Not pleasant.

Never fear, because the New England Patriots organization has a solution. They’re offering an Aaron Hernandez jersey exchange on July 6-7 through either the team’s shop at Gillette Stadium, or the online store.

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