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So, where were you when the Nick Foles era started? You will always remember this moment. Make it last.

Less than 24 hours after Foles showed significant progress during the Eagles’ loss to the Cowboys last night, head coach Andy Reid announced that he’ll remain the team’s starting quarterback, even once Michael Vick has fully recovered from his concussion.

And while we’re pondering our place in the grand scheme of time, maybe there was a more pressing question to lead with: where were you when the Michael Vick era in Philadelphia ended? Let’s pause for a moment, and remember the good times.

Pour one out, guys.

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I vividly recall studying Nick Foles in the process leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft.

While most tall quarterbacks tended to be light and lanky in college, he was rather wide and built proportionate; a hefty athlete at 243 pounds one might say. He primarily operated out of shotgun sets and had wicked arm strength — the kind that people tend to label as being “off-the-charts”.

But his footwork was something else, and by that I don’t mean impressive. Instead, it sometimes appeared that his body was being manipulated by Photoshop, with the upper-body still, and then the lower finally coming into the picture. His muscle memory above the waist was simply not on the same page as it was below. And despite his arm strength, he was quite streaky with his downfield accuracy, sometimes nailing the throw in between the receiver’s numbers, while other times appearing to only nail the dome of the peanut vendor in the upper deck.

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As we approach the midway point of the NFL season, panic is starting to set in. Teams sitting at or below .500 are beginning to size up the competition as they eye playoff spots. Many teams are left contemplating difficult personnel decisions as they reach the “point of no return”. If you carry the same starting QB past the halfway point of the season, there’s often no going back. That’s your guy, and the coaching staff usually sticks with him. Pulling the plug late is what happens when a coach is looking to make his QB the scapegoat for a failed season.

This leads us to today’s watch list, where a couple starting QBs are in very tenuous positions as they approach that point of no return. It’s worth keeping an eye on their backups, because if a switch is going to be made it will happen in the next few weeks.

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