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The preseason is an odd time, especially in the very early portion of August, and this past week when — with a few exceptions — starters played only a series or two. By the time we get to Week 3 of the preseason, first team offenses and defenses typically stay on for the first half at minimum, with the game treated as a sort of dress rehearsal.

That’s the game we can poke, prod, and examine thoroughly. We can still do that now, and we have been. But there’s more than just the limited sample size and skewed results with first teamers dicing up second teamers that we need to be aware of as the Week 1 preseason review continues. There’s also the matter of complexity. Often, only the most basic elements of a new offense or defense have been installed at this point, so what we’re seeing is only a hint of what’s to come.

Fine, and fair enough. But what Chip Kelly hinted at then did what hints do: make us even more curious, and a little confused.

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Chip Kelly is both the answer and question for everything Eagles, which leads to an opposing and often confusing dynamic. Why will the Eagles’ offense improve this year? Chip Kelly’s offensive creativity and ingenuity, that’s why. But then why do you think the Eagles will fail this year? Chip Kelly, because his offensive creativity and ingenuity is little more than a college ball gimmick. That’s why.

What we know or at least think we know about Kelly’s offense will influence fantasy forecasting. But while we can at least make educated guesses about how much Kelly’s uptempo spread will effect the future fortunes of, say, LeSean McCoy, we have a pretty significant barrier at the most important offensive position. Namely, we don’t know who the quarterback will be, and the quarterback is pretty important.

That’s a problem, and for fantasy purposes, the riskiest QB on Kelly’s roster may actually be the best fake QB. On with the uncertainty then…

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Over the last few years, each of the Super Bowl winners have had a certain toughness to them that is borderline dirty. Late hits and big hits from in-your-face players, those that fit the cliché of hating to play against them but loving to play with them. Last season, the Baltimore Ravens had a few of those, one of which was cornerback Cary Williams.

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Chip Kelly’s offense is the great lost treasure of this NFL offseason. At this point, curiosity has drifted so wayward that the new Eagles head coach and former Oregon offensive whizz kid will presumably be the first to regularly use an eight wide receiver set on one play and just don’t even bother with an offensive line, and then put all three quarterbacks on the field for the next play.

The offense will also somehow incorporate Buzz Lightyear, and a monkey riding a goat. Records will be set, innovation will be stretched to its logical extreme, and no one will think any of this is weird.

Thankfully, we now have a report from the Kelly base camp. It comes to us from one of his many minions, and the fantasy footballing possibilities are both awesome, and interesting.

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I know, I blinked about eight times too. But then I sat and stared blankly some more, sinking into my default look, and I thought to myself: maybe Tavon Austin to the Eagles isn’t so crazy? Or maybe it’s just crazy enough to be Chip Kelly crazy.

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Chip Kelly’s offense and how it will transition to the NFL is one of the great questions of our time. How much will he use spread formations? And will his offense use at least five donkeys? We’ll have answers soon enough. Patience, friends.

But one question involving DeSean Jackson surfaced through, um, DeSean Jackson earlier this offseason: will he become De’Anthony Thomas?

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Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts

The Eagles are continuing to do more than just revamp their defense during free agency. They’re pretty much creating a whole new defense, and preferably one that isn’t horrendous and gashed in every way imaginable.

It started with the signings of Kenny Phillips and Cary Williams earlier this afternoon, and they now join a shiny new defensive backfield alongside fellow signees Patrick Chang and Bradley Fletcher. This is what an implosion and immediate rebuild looks like, and it’s why in the NFL, bad teams usually aren’t bad for long. Unless, of course, they’re named the Jaguars.

The latest signing is Connor Barwin, the defensive end who leaves the Texans to bring a pass rushing presence to an Eagles front four that brought the quarterback down only 30 times in 2012. But the cost to bring him in is…woah.

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