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It’s a good morning to be a prospective NFL head coach. Just a few hours ago there were six head coaching vacancies. Now we could be down to four.

Shortly after the Mike McCoy rumor train finally reached its destination in San Deigo, this happened…

We’ll be careful with this report that’s bubbling in the wicked cauldron of hiring season speculation. It’s not that we don’t trust Chargers beat guy Kevin O’Connell, and we’re sure he’s a very nice man. But we’d like to hear this echoed by someone in Philly, which will surely happen short. Actually, the way this morning is going, it’ll happen as I type this very sentence.

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That was quick. The Eagles finished with a record of 4-12, recording their most losses in a season since 1998 — the season before Reid was hired. The Eagles didn’t fight for their coach in what was Reid’s last game in Philadelphia. A 42-7 loss sums up what has been a miserable season for a team with lofty expectations.

Update 5:41pm:

Update 5:55pm:

Bryce Brown’s dalliance with the starting job in Philadelphia will come to an end when the Eagles host Washington this weekend. Yes, Shady is back.

Before McCoy owners begin to pop the bubbly Andy Reid provided caution, stating McCoy would not be on a normal workload when he returns.

After busting onto the scene in week 12, Brown’s production has dropped off a cliff. 178 and 169 yard performances was followed by just 40 rushing yards in two games. His drop off has been plagued with fumbling issues, losing the ball three times in two weeks.

McCoy owners get their workhorse back just in time for the championships — but beware. We’re not sure how involved he’ll be as Reid aims to ease him back into the lineup. Before the injury McCoy averaged 98.5 yards per game.

The Thursday night schedule this year has often provided us with entertainment that’s on par with a day which consists of a dentist appointment, followed by a trip to see the in-laws. Or worse, visiting your in-laws, and one of them is also a dentist.

The coma-inducing blowout games have far outnumber the few that have provided real, genuine entertainment, as we’ve been blessed with a 36-7 Giants win over the Panthers, and most recently the Broncos’ 26-13 pwning of Oakland. If we could just ban the AFC West with the exception of Denver from playing in primetime games, that would be swell.

If our Madden predictor is correct, you should find something else to do tonight. Anything really. Go balance spoons, or take your cat for a walk.

Any other activity would be a far better use of time, because you’ll never get those three hours back.

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McCoy is in phase three of the five phase recovery process players with concussion like symptoms undergo according to Rotoworld. It’s been two weeks since ‘Shady’ initially suffered his injury, and with the Eagles firmly out of contention there is no sense in rushing him back.

For those of you lucky enough to grab Bryce Brown when you did the good times will continue to role. However, Brown will take on the NFL’s best running defense when Eagles travel to Tampa Bay on Sunday. The Bucs are allowing a paltry 82.3 yards per game on the ground and have limited opposing running backs to just 3.4 yards per carry.

Far too often, reality hinders fantasy, a statement which can easily be applied generically to far too many situations. Example: even if she was available, you’re not about to land, say, Miranda Kerr. Not because you’re not charming or good looking or witty. No, there’s a more pragmatic and even mathematical approach here: simple supply/demand theory. The universe only has a select few elite supermodels to hand out, and the randomness of it all leads to a low ranking for you and I, the everyman.

See, all that’s holding us back is the numbers game. That’s it.

As far as football is concerned, every week we’re reminded of ways that reality football limits success in fantasy football. Right now, the most prominent example lies in Philadelphia, where there’s an increasingly strong possibility that even once/if Michael Vick is healthy, willing, and able, as the losses mount it wouldn’t exactly be shocking to see Andy Reid keep his regular starter benched while he continues to roll with the Nick Foles experiment, and give the rookie experience.

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The house cleaning at 1 NovaCare Way has started early, one day after the Eagles capped a miserable few months without a victory. In a move that has shocked many, the club parted ways with leading pass rusher Jason Babin. The term “leading” is slightly misleading — Babin only has five on the year — but that stat sums up how poor the Eagles defense has been as a whole. According to Andrew Brandt, the Eagles will owe Babin $1.64 million if he’s not claimed on waivers.

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