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Resurrecting the career of a soon-to-be 32-year-old is going to be difficult, but that’s the job that Mike McCoy has been tasked with. The freshly hired San Diego Chargers head coach’s latest project will be working with Philip Rivers, a fallen star in desperate need of coaching.

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San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is your player at the half after throwing three touchdown passes against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rivers ended the half completing 16 passes on 18 attempts for 218 yards.

Rivers tossed TD passes to Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates, and he chucked an 80-yard bomb to Danario Alexander in the first quarter. Coming into the game Alexander had just 202 receiving yards, so it’s unlikely you started him in any league today.

On the season Rivers has thrown 15 touchdown passes and ten interceptions.

There’s a certain kind of special insanity associated with doing the same action repeatedly, and expecting a different result. Example: I have some bad plumbing in my bathroom that I’m not bothering to fix because I’m moving soon anyway. I’m fully aware of the problem, yet nearly every morning, the following sequence of events happens: I begin a cozy, soothing warm shower, possibly singing a nursery rhyme of some kind while forgetting about the impending pain. Suddenly, the water turns to ice, and then it’s scalding, and then it’s back to ice again, with no warning whatsoever.

The Chargers have their own plumbing problems, except they’re not just willfully ignorant. They’re in denial, and have been for quite some time. Last night was the pinnacle of Norv Turner’s historic reign of gameplan stubbornness alongside his perpetually stumbling sidekick, Philip Rivers.

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