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It’s hot. Stupid hot, and you’re being asked to run more, run again, and keep running. That’s after the conditioning test, and before the 7-on-7 drills, and somewhere in there a coach yelled something that sounded profane but you weren’t really sure.

Training camp sounds like it sucks. And as you watch the Dolphins going through the motions on Hard Knocks, it sure looks training camp sucks too. It sucks a lot, and then it keeps sucking, which applies to any level of football, although the intensity is heightened once a player reaches the professional ranks. However, the suck of camp is surely balanced by, you know, getting paid to play football, or even having the opportunity to make an NFL roster.

So to cope, there are tricks. Some are simple but essential, while others involve the consumption of Chia Pet seeds. But what are they? In this special feature for GLS, Luke Purm, a former college football player at Simon Fraser University, details five survival tips for two-a-days in the August heat.

Lesson No. 1: bring lots of ice.

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