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Decisions, man. They’re usually hard, which sucks because I like easy things.

The fantasy football decisions you’ve been making every week are about to overtake your life. Or maybe they already were, because if fantasy football hasn’t ruined at least one relationship, you’re not doing it right. Also, if you haven’t randomly woken up in a Vegas ditch with a white tiger because of fantasy football, you haven’t lived.

Week 12 officially begins in a few hours, which means the crunchiest time is upon us and the immense weight of your weekly decisions will cause cold sweats. That’s why going forward we’re going to spotlight one possible lineup decision a sizable chunk of worried souls are facing, and try to determine the best course of action, or at least the one that will result in less mental anguish.

First up: Joe Flacco vs. Mike Glennon.

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mike glennon2

I’d like to give some serious dap to the NFL writers. You know, the guys who script the games every week and give us storylines to discuss between Sundays. Now that Breaking Bad is long over they’ve had much more time to focus on their NFL duties, and man, it shows.

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josh mccown2

In football as in life, sometimes you just need to embrace the fact that few things are predictable. Often you also have to warmly embrace the hackneyed blog post lede. Mental defeat is a real thing.

Tonight we face the most unpredictable and perhaps treacherous of all fantasy football events: the little-used backup quarterback starting a game, and doing it on the road in Green Bay against a division rival.

That quarterback is Josh McCown. Although we’ve heard growing optimism about the state of Jay Cutler’s groin, there’s a real possibility that during a crucial time in the fantasy schedule just a few weeks before playoffs begin, a quarterback who’s started just two games since 2007 will be trusted to feed Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

Gulp? Maybe, but let’s go exploring, as tonight is a litmus test for what lies ahead.

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Adrian Peterson was almost universally the first overall pick in August.

We hear it every year repeatedly in August. Running backs rule the fantasy kingdom, and therefore they must be highly coveted, even if it means sacrificing your first born.

But through half a season the first two rounds of drafts this past August are littered with loathing and self hatred because of an explosive cocktail of competing factors. The whirling spiral has been part injury, part under-performance, and a third damning trend: an utter lack of running league-wide. Currently, games are averaging only 214.6 rushing yards, the third lowest average in league history. Yet overall scoring is still humming along at a record-setting pace (the 5,544 points scored through eight weeks are the most in NFL history).

So that leads us to a difficult and complex question…

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Made possible by Pepsi. Are you #FanEnough?

Pierre Garcon won’t match Dez Bryant’s leaping ability. And although he’s plenty fast in his own right, he won’t equal DeSean Jackson’s speed, and he’s not nearly as versatile as Randall Cobb, or Tavon Austin eventually. But he matches or exceeds them all in a category which is more difficult to define and place: importance.

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We get another divisional throw down tonight, and one that presents a number of intriguing fantasy-related questions that are handily explored below. The quarterbacks couldn’t possibly be any more opposite too: over his last 10 seasons Peyton Manning has rushed for 167 yards, while Terrelle Pyor has nearly tied that mark in two games (162 yards).

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I’ve heard tell of some sort of return to Philadelphia tonight for a former Eagles head coach, but I refuse to acknowledge it until a choir sings this song…

Chattering heads and those who weave poetic narratives will discuss Andy Reid’s return all night and far into tomorrow morning. Personally, I’m much more excited about the football game that will be played, and the intriguing factors that may lead to the pleasant upwards ticking of fantasy points. So, about that.

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