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cousins again2

I’d write something filled with inspirational and rah rah language here to get the fantasy championship adrenaline shooting to every area of your body, but this is an occasion which calls for the unique brick punching words of Tony D’Amato.

Alright then, now that we have that out of the way, let’s explore one of the most vexing roster decisions many of you are facing. It goes by the name of Kirk Cousins.

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mario williams2

For your defensive streaming pleasure during fantasy money making time, you mostly just need to look at one game.

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Usually in this space every week during the hours before kickoff on Sunday, I venture out deep into the prediction abyss and either advise you against starting a sort-of stud who usually gets that treatment with little thought, or chuck some dice with a sleeper while trying to identify a matchup that can be pounced on. When it’s the latter, sometimes there are wide, swinging whiffs (where you at, Ryan Fitzpatrick?), but ’tis the nature of this here fantasy game when we’re mining for nuggets in the lowers depths of nothingness.

With stakes at their highest today during semi-final showdowns, I thought we should continue in the sleeper scavenging spirit today, especially since many of you right now are dealing with the finality that not only is your first overall pick Adrian Peterson out, but Toby Gerhart is too after you spent a whole whack of waiver dollars on him. No worries, because among the top three Week 15 sleepers, there’s a life raft that’s still widely available even at this late hour.

Oh, and there’s plenty to cure whatever wide receiver outage ails you.

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I need you to open your heart and mind for me, and let risk in. Embrace it, and hug it warmly. Make sure you call it tomorrow, and send it a Christmas card.

If you’ve been streaming defenses throughout the fantasy season (as you should have been if one of the very top units isn’t on your roster), you know this is a process of identifying which weak defenses with specific strengths can excel in the right matchup, preferably against an even weaker offense. The three listed below meet that criteria for semi-final weekend, but for two of them, you may have to set aside some deep rooted dumpster fire fears.

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For most, the month of December is a joyous time filled with the blessings of the season, and a reflection on another year gone by. But for those who enjoy the addictive degenerate outlet that is fantasy football, it’s a conflicting time.

First and foremost, it’s a time when you can win all the monies, which is always nice because money can be exchanged for goods and services. This is a month when the demand for goods is high, especially from that special someone on your list this year who’s getting a hot dog toaster under the tree. But that only applies to a dwindling number of you now that most leagues are in the semi-final stage, while many others saw their fantasy dreams fade.

Here, have a song.


But really, even with the excitement of winning monies, it’s hard not to look ahead a little bit on the calendar and start to feel that shower cry urge. Win or lose, fantasy football is over next week (no, you have a problem).

So it’s on that gleeful note that I remind you this is the final Thursday night game of the season, which is actually a happy thing since they’ve mostly been horrendous. But this one game will determine a whole lot of fantasy outcomes, and who advances to the fantasy Super Bowl next week. Of course, there are also real-life consequences at stake between the Chargers and Broncos, with the former clawing for the playoffs, and the latter pursuing home-field advantage.

But we care little about that here. Here’s where our caring lies.

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Please rise from your fetal position, and assume a proper thinking posture. That means something different for everyone, as some might sit straight, while others will remain in that fetal position. Either way, it’s a few hours before kickoff on the first Sunday of fantasy playoffs. So embrace the fear, and let’s walk out on some limbs together.

Specifically, let’s strut out onto the Ryan Fitzpatrick limb, which is always a dangerous and horrible thing. Just maybe not today(?).

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geno point2

Usually this post smacks your computer screen in the face on Friday. But we’re rolling ahead with this bad boy a day earlier this week for a few reasons you don’t care about: because I feel like it, because it’s fantasy playoff time in most leagues and you need all your Week 14 hot takes now now now (rankings? we got ‘em), and because the Texans defense might actually stuff Jacksonville in a locker tonight.

More on that fun in a minute, in addition to some Geno Smith laughter. First, let’s circle some wagons.

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