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You probably already were worried about Matt Ryan. In fact, you probably already despise Matt Ryan with every fiber of your being after you spent on average a third-round pick to acquire his services in August, and he enters December — and the last week of the fantasy football regular season — as the 12th-ranked fantasy quarterback, well behind a number of others who occupied far cheaper draft real estate (Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tony Romo, to name a few).

So what should you do now? Run away, mostly.

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boldin again2

So this is it. You have one more week to make the playoffs, and one more week to ensure that cousin Bobby won’t torment you throughout the entire offseason, and remind you of that time apple juice squirted out your nose somehow. Indeed, the stakes go far beyond monetary means.

Every fantasy decision is always crucial, but this week that’s far more true and painful. Each starting lineup call that’s even remotely questionable could be the difference between a taste of that sweet, sweet playoff cash, and bitter nothingness. That’s why today in what’s maybe, probably becoming a weekly installment of “who ya got?” we’re focusing on the deepest position, and therefore the group that also brings the most questions and confusion on benches. Yes, mid-to-low tier wide receivers are the worst.

Although there are a number of names you could slot in here, for this exercise we’ll use these two: Anquan Boldin vs. Danny Amendola.

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Mercifully, it’s almost over. These dreary fantasy days of having a crucial player subtracted from your roster because they need “rest” and “rehabilition” or “a week away from football” are ending for another year after this week. Yes, friends, we have but just one more day of bye week horribleness, and during this particular day there’s a unique brand of suck.

Many of you have been riding Nick Foles over the past few weeks, and what a sweet ride that’s been. Since Week 9 Foles has thrown 10 touchdown passes with zero interceptions while also running for a score, and he’s accumulated 932 passing yards at a pace of 12.9 yards per attempt. That’s sort of pretty good, and it’s resulted in 88.5 fantasy points, making Foles a late-season savior who’s extended an olive branch to the playoff fate of so very many lost souls (he’s also reminded us that drafting quarterbacks early is still unwise, but that’s a conversation for another day).

And now for one week, all of that is gone. Foles sits with his bye, and you sit with a frown, as do Russell Wilson owners.

There’s a cure for what ails you, and its name is Case Keenum.

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This week we don’t have to look far for our defenses that come at a minimal charge and could bring a tidy reward. Two of them are playing in the same game.

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Saying the Mike Wallace signing has failed thus far in Miami is like saying Rob Ford is an incompetent rube who’s redefining public dysfunction. Both of those statements are widely embraced and are common public knowledge.

But unlike those of you in mayoral fantasy leagues who are getting docked points for every public mention of female genitalia, downgrading Wallace is still difficult and painful. Human nature takes over on two levels. Firstly, you’ve seen Wallace do explosive and wonderful things in the past, and the uniquely horrible experience of him doing that while on your bench isn’t one you want to live through. Then there’s also the draft investment you made, with Wallace a fifth-round pick on average.

Today you’re left with two options: either release your inner Wallace hate and lower expectations drastically or even bench him if you have other more appealing options, or hate yourself.

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You’re about to quickly notice a theme in this week’s defensive dice chucking: injuries are your friend. And with my top super streaming pick (copyright), injuries are your bestest friend.

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“Crunch time” is not only a horrible cliché, it’s also completely arbitrary, as many times can be crunch time. However, if we’re going to determine the true beginning of crunch time in the fantasy football season, three games before the playoffs seems to be about right. Jostling for playoff position is happening, and so is securing playoff positions, and losing playoff positions. So each and every decision is that much more vital, including the ones you’re about to make prior to tonight’s game.

It pains me to have so many fantasy implications and the beginning of that crunching time riding on a game in which Ryan Fitzpatrick is a starting quarterback, but these are the times in which we live. Onwards, and to the business of prognosticating, predicting, and pondering.

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