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Week 12 composite rankings

Hey you guys, it’s rankings time. In a special edition to get you ready for the smorgasbord of Thanksgiving day action I did the same thing we’ve done in weeks past. We that we can retire the word ‘special’ from our lexicon. You’re not special. Your kids crapily made macaroni sculpture of the Mona Lisa isn’t special. Nothing is special.

Yes, as you can probably tell I had a horrible week in fantasy football. Luckily our rag tag crew of fantasy experts — Michael Fabiano and Matt Smith of, Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard of and Matt Berry and Eric Karabell of the mothership — are back with their weekly rankings. Throw me a line fellas. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 11 composite rankings

The autumn wind blows briskly in the direction of the Raiders' end zone.

Yet another week filled with stud matchups for studs should be fun. But yeah, we say that nearly every week, and every week disappointment inevitably follows. Still hate you, expectations.

Featured in this week’s composite rankings are Eric Karabell and Matthew Berry from ESPN, and Michael Fabiano and Matt Smith from My fellow Internet football writers Devang Desai and Kyle Smith helped with the compiling and number staring. So come with me now for some rankings, some musings, and lots of projections sure to fail.

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Week 10 composite rankings

Ray Rice vs. the Raiders = boom

So many stud players with so many stud matchups this week. All of the fantasy points will be scored by said players, and you’ll either love or hate yourself.

Yes, welcome to Week 10, where Matt Ryan is the next man up in the season of Saints slugging, and Stevan Ridley will be the latest to make the Bills look like they couldn’t stop Sam Gordon. As is our weekly custom, we compiled rankings from Michael Fabiano and Adam Rank from, and Jeremy Eisenberg and Dave Richard from CBS.

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Arian Foster’s matchup is so good this week, that anyone playing a team with him rostered needs to be given the fantasy equivalent of five strokes on every hole. Seems totally fair and legit.

We return with our weekly composite rankings compiled by myself and fellow spreadsheet enthusiast Devang Desai, and the usual cast of characters checks in (Michael Fabiano and Matt Smith from, and Jeremy Eisenberg and Dave Richard from CBS).

Annnd go…

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Week 8 composite rankings

Let’s begin being wrong all over again while seeing how much others around the Interwebs have failed, because if there’s one skill I’ve mastered, it’s deflecting blame elsewhere.

Week 8 is here, so as is our custom we have lots of players ranked numerically according to their predicted level of awesomeness. We can safely assume that the guy pictured above will be rather proficient while passing the football against Jacksonville and its 24th-ranked passing defense.

But what of all the other players at all the other positions? There are charts for that. With the help of Devang Desai, the Robin to my Batman (or perhaps he prefers Poochie), we went through the weekly adventure of compiling the composite rankings from our usual group of experts while chiming in with some musings of our own. This week we used‘s Michael Fabiano and Adam Rank, and Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard from

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Week 7 composite rankings

Drew Brees will thoroughly enjoy throwing against the league's 31st ranked secondary.

Numbers? We got ‘em. Lots of ‘em.

Culled from five experts —‘s Michael fabiano and Matt Smith, and Jamey Eisenberg, Nathan Zegura, and Dave Richard from — and filtered through a calculator capable of only basic addition and division (read: myself and Devang Desai), you’re encouraged to use the composite rankings below as your fantasy bible this week. Or at least your fantasy pamphlet.

On to the listicles.
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Today’s rankings are a bit of a mess. Bye week madness combined with murky injury situations have the experts all over the place. This week we compiled the thoughts of Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank and Dave Dameshek of along with Jamey Eisenberg and Nathan Zergura of CBS Sports.

On to the rankings.

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