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As long as you keep playing fantasy football, we’ll keep releasing composite rankings lists. For those of you who are new to the site, the composite rankings list is created using the fantasy rankings of experts Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of

We then combine these rankings into five idiot-proof charts. We know that they’re idiot-proof because even I understand how to read them.

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Week 4 composite player rankings

This has been an insane week for the National Football League. With scab referees destroying at least one game (possibly two), it seems as though the NFL has finally grown tired of dangerous incompetence and is poised to reach an agreement with the NFLRA. This means that soon we could be screaming and cursing our voices hoarse at unionized officials. Officials who are not only qualified and have a proper grasp on the basic rules and nuances of professional football, but ones who don’t need to have half-hour long conferences each time they need to make a simple holding call.

The only thing that hasn’t changed this week is our collective lust for fantasy football. As always, I’ve collected the rankings of Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of and combined them into five convenient charts.

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Week 3 composite player rankings

It’s week three of the NFL season, and I’ve spent hours (my eyeballs hurt) combining the fantasy rankings of experts Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of into five easy-to-read charts.

Why did I do this?

Is it because I love you? Is it an assigned job? Am I secretly feeding you false information on the off-chance that we’re playing each other in fantasy football this week?

I’m not going to dignify any of those questions with a response. There’s no need to question my motivation, just enjoy this weeks’ rankings.

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Week 2 composite player rankings

With week one officially in the books, we’re back to bring you a fresh set of composite player rankings. It’s all part of our quest to help you taste sweet, sweet victory in your fantasy football league. That is, unless you’re in my fantasy football league, then I hope all of your players become disgruntled and sit out as part of a massive contract dispute (I’m a very petty man).

Last week’s rankings were almost entirely based on potential, but with real games factoring into this week’s numbers, we may be able to get a more accurate read on how a player might perform this year (albeit with a very small sample size).

This week’s experts are: Michael Fabiano/Adam Rank of and Dave Richard/Jamey Eisenberg of CBS

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Week 1 composite player rankings

After Wednesday night’s spectacular performance from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, fantasy football owners have been scrambling to set their line-ups and praying to the football gods that they don’t leave too many points stranded on the bench this weekend (only owners who read this website would have had the foresight to start Ogie).

Since we know you’re busy, or lazy (or some sort of impossible combination of both…buzy?) and you’d rather down a couple of alcoholic beverines than do any sort of research, we’ve done all the research for you.

We’ve combined the fantasy rankings of ESPN’s Matthew Berry,’s Michael Fabiano/Dave Dameshek, and CBS Sports’ Dave Richard into five convenient and easy to read charts (I’m sorry if this sounds like an infomercial).

Keep in mind, these rankings don’t involve anyone from the Cowboys or the Giants, as their Week 1 game is already over.

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