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If Bill Walsh was alive today, he’d be proud of the San Francisco 49ers being in the Super Bowl. He’d probably be pissed too.

The former is because he coached them to multiple championships, and the latter simply because he’s no longer doing it. This matchup against the Baltimore Ravens is one that he probably would have liked, as his famed West Coast Offense — now altered for the postmodern era of football — would have a great chance of attacking the seam, something that it does better than any other scheme. Fortunately, the 49ers still do this, and they do it with many of Walsh’s old concepts, which will come in handy against the Ravens’ slow cover linebackers.

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This is the most Ray Lewis face ever.

When Ray Lewis stands five yards in front of the line of scrimmage before the snap, you can still see the minute details that have helped him become arguably the greatest middle linebacker of all-time.

His arms are bent at the middle, his elbows are sticking out, and his hands rest on his hips. Seventeen years into his glorious career, he’s still using the technique that he learned in year one of pee-wee football. Proper technique and angles used to be a part of the entire package that Lewis possessed in addition to speed, intimidation, physicality, and play-making ability.

Although he’s made a ton of plays over the years with the above, it’s hard to ignore how much he has slowed down physically during the last few seasons. His preparation can only take him so far before offensive masterminds realize that he’s only gotten worse when taking on blockers against the run, and he’s slowed down significantly when it comes to his once great sideline-to-sideline range.

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"Thank you for being a friend."

Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps formed an everlasting bond when the former helped the latter get through ‘hard times’ the last few years. Phelps’ story is an interesting one, battling a lack of motivation and exhaustion just before the Sydney Olympics — 12 years later he’s known as the greatest swimmer of all time .

I’ve read Barry Svrluga’s profile on Baltimore’s most perfect friendship a few times now. There are some things we need to go over.

To the side, looking for an entry, a way to make his presence known to the Baltimore Ravens retiring middle linebacker, stood a mustachioed 20-something, Ravens hat on backward, purple checked shirt hanging out of his jeans. At one point in the mayhem, Lewis looked up, and caught the hipster’s eye.

“My baby!” Lewis yelled. And Michael Phelps just started laughing.

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If you look closely at Ray Lewis here, you can see into his soul. Not good.

Enjoy the game, everyone.

I found this dance a lot more endearing the first time I saw it today. Ray’s final day on the field in Baltimore was a success, as the Ravens breezed past the Colts 24-9. Lewis lined up with the offence on the game’s last play and busted out his famed side to side sway hop step hip thrust arm release knee jab. Some things shouldn’t be described with words.

Earlier we told you that Ray Lewis is ready. For the most part, that’s been true, as he’s looked like the usual fast and scary dude we’ve all come to know and love/hate.

But his hands are still on the injured reserve.

That didn’t stop this bro’s party.

Good luck Andrew. If a brief flash dance is an arbiter of anything — it’s not, sports! — then we can expect the Ravens defense to be flying around the field today. They’re fully healthy for the first time in months. This should be good.