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I still watch Ray Lewis’ Madden intro in its entirety every time I settle deep into my well manicured couch groove. I have to, because if I don’t he’ll hurt me.

Now, Lewis is about to begin living loooonnnnnnggggggg after his records have fallen.

Era. Over.

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I’m not sure if I can compute this, you guys. Damn.

Ray Lewis has now logged three straight weeks of practice, slowly increasing his participation and exertion after tearing his triceps muscle back in Week 6. Normal humans who do not have titanium-enforced bones that are surrounded by frickin laser beams would be incapable of anything except basic activity for months with that injury. Ray Lewis has never been accused of being a normal human.

But it seems just this once, he’s showing a shred or normalcy. Despite his practice participation and the numerous encouraging reports that Lewis would attempt to play tomorrow, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is now reporting that we won’t get a Lewis sighting again during the regular season, although it’s still possible that he’ll return for the playoffs.

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The Ravens defense no longer infuse opponents with self-doubt. Charlie Batch (the original $100 million dollar man) managed to lead a game winning drive against them, shocking the Ravens and adding to an already dour atmosphere thanks to Terrell Suggs torn right biceps.

With RG3 coming to town John Harbaugh’s club needed some good news. They got it today. The defense’s spiritual leader returned to practice. Lewis tore his his triceps just over seven weeks ago and is eligible to return on December 16th when the Ravens play Denver.

The Ravens lost their most important player on Sunday, and it wasn’t Ray Lewis. It was Lardarius Webb.

Webb, their star cornerback, was lost ten plays into the game against the Dallas Cowboys to a torn ACL. It was Webb’s second torn ACL since 2009, and it was a significant blow to a defense that needs as many top cover guys as it can get right now because they have little pass rush. But another reason the loss is significant is because of Webb’s playmaking and versatility.

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After confirming that Lardarius Webb is out for the season earlier this morning, the Ravens have now also confirmed some more very expected, but still very devastating injury news.

Ray Lewis is out for the season after completely tearing his triceps. I’ll pause for a moment while you sit and stare blankly, trying to comprehend the knowledge that the man who screams at you every time you turn on Madden 13 is in fact made of human parts, and he’s capable of feeling pain.

Bro hugs all around for Ray Ray.

Immediately the speculation will begin regarding the likelihood that this is far more than merely the end of Lewis’ season, and instead we’ve seen the end of his career. As Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said during his press conference this afternoon, that’s a question only Lewis can answer.

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The Ravens’ highly entertaining 31-29 win over the Cowboys earlier this afternoon could come at a severe cost. What, exactly? Well, maybe Ray Lewis’ career.

Lewis left the game in the fourth quarter, and’s Jeff Darlington is reporting that the Ravens fear he may have a torn triceps, an injury that would immediately end his season. For the 37-year-old Lewis, this could be far more than a season-ending injury, as there’s a very realistic chance that at his age and at his position, a devastating injury like this one will signal the end of a highly-decorated career.

If that’s not enough destruction, there are also fears that Lardarius Webb has suffered a torn ACL, while Haloti Ngata left with a knee sprain.

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