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You’ve heard about the reunion taking place this Sunday, yes?

Chuck Pagano, fresh back from kicking leukemia’s ass (thankfully), will be returning to Baltimore when the Colts take on the Ravens. Pagano was on Baltimore’s coaching staff from 2008 to 2011, serving as a secondary coach and coordinating a dominating defense before being hired by the Colts in 2012 to fill their vacant head coach position. Now at Indianapolis, the Colts defense hasn’t been as good as Pagano’s with the Ravens because it’s transitioned to a 3-4 and has several new parts. They’ve struggled all season long, and they’ll have their work cut out for them on Sunday. They allow the third most rush yards per game (137.5) and second most average per rush (5.1), and they’re facing Ray Rice.

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UPDATE (12:19 P.M. ET): Rice is active, but he’ll likely only play a series or two. He can’t be started in any format.

Hello there, and welcome to the first reason why you don’t continue playing fantasy football in Week 17 on the morning of, um, the Week 17 games.

With his 207 fantasy points, Ray Rice is the fifth highest scorer at his position, and he’s one of only five running backs with 200 or more points heading into the season finale. He’s also a PPR stud with his 61 receptions.

So he’s pretty important to those of you who are playing in championship games today. And yet, he won’t be available, partly because although this fantasy week may be vital, in reality the Ravens’ game today against Cincinnati is meaningless.

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