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The truth is an elusive animal in late April around the NFL kingdom, a prized commodity few are motivated to share. Each year the posturing prior to the draft is rooted in deception, with the gamesmanship coming through leaked rumors meant to divert attention away from the real course of action.

That makes for a turbulent and blurry time. It’s all in good fun for you, the league viewer and consumer, because the rumor business is what drives the draft, along with the stereotypical finger guns blazing image of a general manager fleecing his peers. Kevin Costner forever.

Two extra weeks have made the rumor mud slinging even longer and greasier this year, and we’re about to enter the heart of it. The proverbial “how do you separate the signal from the noise?” isn’t the right question here. No, instead go with this: is there a signal at all?

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Aldon smith2

Humans do stupid things daily, all ranging in severity and consequence. As I write this there’s probably at least one groggy individual who did the classic reverse through the garage door stunt. That’s dumb, but the harm is only to door, car, and pocket. Like so many others, it’s also an example of a private matter. A privately stupid matter, but you get the idea nonetheless.

Aldon Smith is a different sort of idiot. He’s the extreme and completely clueless kind, so much that as a football player his stay on any one team could be brief without a drastic course correction.

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mike williams2

Buying low on a player works best when said player later becomes a sell high candidate. That doesn’t mean he has to be sold and traded again, but rather it simply means his value has risen high above expectations after your purchase at a bargain price.

When the Bills acquired Mike Williams for a mere sixth-round pick today, that became the goal. In a sense the move mirrors the sort of trade or signing often pulled off by the New England Patriots, Buffalo’s division rival. Bill Belichick has frequented the scrap heap for players who are either fading veterans (Albert Haynesworth, Chad Ochocinco) or discarded due to their numerous red flags (Aqib Talib). This Williams acquisition is the latter, and this fall we’ll learn if he’ll continue his flameout path, or if the Bills will receive high-end production after they essentially made him their sixth-round pick in this draft.

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pete carroll laugh2

Everything about Pete Carroll in Seattle feels right. The fanbase that quite literally shakes the Earth with its gameday roar has the league’s most energetic head coach, a man who’s seemingly on a constant caffeine drip as he defies all laws of human behavior at his quite elderly age. If you weren’t reminded nearly every game, it would be a very funny joke when someone told you that at 62 years young Carroll is behind only Tom Coughlin in age among NFL head coaches.

Now he’ll age a few more years in Seattle, though you’ll never know it. Late last night the Seahawks announced a press conference for later this afternoon, and the dot connecting didn’t take long.

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Earlier this week I wondered if DeSean Jackson is worth all the money. Or, more specifically, if the Redskins could justify paying him the roughly $10 million annually he was seeking. To me the answer was a resounding negative for a number of reasons, but that answer is irrelevant now.

While the east coast was tucking in for an early spring slumber last night, Jackson was signing with the Washington Redskins. That’s not remotely surprising, as after spending two days meeting with the team’s various important people and eating several meals, leaving unsigned would have been a wee bit startling.

No, what’s surprising now are the reported terms being finalized this morning, with Jackson set to make $24 million over three years, $16 million of which is guaranteed.

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What does Jared Allen have left?

jared allen2

When the Chicago Bears signed Jared Allen earlier today, on paper the musical chairs of aging pass rushers in the NFC North continued. After Julius Peppers left cold and snowy Chicago for colder and snowier Green Bay, Allen jumped from Minnesota to the Windy City as his replacement.

The process of aging and decaying is happening much quicker with Peppers, as is his right since he’s two years older (Allen is 32, and Peppers is 34). But while Allen certainly has something left and he remains the night vision golf champion, exactly how much that something is leads to shoulder shrugs. Is he really far behind Peppers in his decline?

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ralph wilson2

When Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. passed away on Tuesday afternoon at the age of 95, the NFL lost a founding father, and the final surviving member of the original AFL owners. He was among the men who called themselves members of the “Foolish Club,” taking up ownership in a rival league.

When the two leagues merged, their creation turned into a pillar of the NFL we know today. Before that success, though, Wilson made sacrifices and pulled all the necessary financial levers to ensure the AFL not only survived, but thrived.

That’s who he was, and the Hall of famer (elected in 2009) channeled that same dedication and energy into growing the Bills and their brand in Buffalo, a smaller NFL market especially when compared to its in-state rivals. Which is why right now, as cold as it seems, there’s an unavoidable question already looming.

Without Wilson and his dedication to Buffalo, what does the future hold for the Bills?

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