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If you’re the type to curl up in a dark corner while spilling your half empty glass of water, then there’s a reason to be concerned about the Jason Peters contract. A four-year extension at $41.5 million ($51.3 million including the existing year) is heavy both in dollars and length for a tackle who’s 32 years old, and is only about two years removed from an Achilles tear.

But if you’re the sort to enjoy the brighter and peachier things in life, there’s much more to like.

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marvin harrison2

I let this fester and sit for a few hours. I thought some more, I read some more, and I tried to defuse the confusion which borders on anger.

But no, I still can’t comprehend why Marvin Harrison isn’t a first-ballot hall of famer.

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sherman yell2

When Richard Sherman makes a play, the broadcasting and profanity-fueled flailing begins, sucking in the diligent sideline reporter seeking a quote snack. Sherman proclaims himself to be the best there is, was, and ever will be. And who knows, he might be right.

That’s the boisterous Sherman, and the polarizing Sherman. He’s wildly entertaining in a way the standard modern athlete often isn’t, and depending on your worldview, he can be either endlessly amusing or an irritating punk, and nothing in between.

But that’s also the Richard Sherman I don’t care about. I care about the guy who makes plays on balls most corners couldn’t even graze, and on one such play tonight, he sealed a Super bowl trip for the Seattle Seahawks.

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peyton SB2

If a shootout is how you propose to win a football game, then at some point the offense needs to hold the football for a prolonged period of time. At some point, trips into enemy territory need to end in touchdowns far more frequently.

At some point, the metaphoric gun needs to go boom repeatedly, and numbers need to be posted on the scoreboard. Because if stopping the opposition from scoring points can’t happen, then scoring a lot of your own points has to happen.

Today, the New England Patriots did neither.

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The fantasy football MVP of 2013? No, that’s Jamaal Charles. But Nick Foles still won a whole lot of championships.

We have a bit of a problem here. While there were certainly lessons learned about fantasy football during this season and all of them brought about moments of deep philosophical thought, many were confirmations of what we already believed. Unfortunately, “Confirmations of what we already believed about fantasy football in 2013″ isn’t exactly a headline that rolls off the tongue, so I may have shattered whatever journalistic integrity I have left by lying to you a little.


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There’s a harsh finality to elimination in an NFL season. I suppose that’s true of every sport, but the nature of an NFL schedule — with its 16 games and the seven months spent preparing for those 16 games — creates an environment with little opportunity for error. As a result, mistakes and spectacular plays are magnified, especially during games that dictate the end of the season for one team, and a shot at a shiny trophy for another.

These are the times when we spotlight moments and place them on a glistening and spinning pedestal forever. The moments of Week 17 both this year and in years past aren’t Montana to Clark, or Eli to Tyree. No, they’re the moments which made those moments possible. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m getting a little too melodramatic here. Pardon me then, but when a man does little more than scream for many hours straight at a picture box, great things seem possible.

Oh, you didn’t do that? Come along then, and let’s re-live the belated Christmas jewel that Week 17 bestowed upon us.

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manning thumbs2

The NFL is not a place where perfectly ordered proceedings live, and everything always falls just as it should, in exactly the manner you predicted. There are mistakes so creative that duplicating them is difficult (and inherently foolish). Yesterday, one team lost a playoff spot against a team that played spoiler after doing nothing but losing for the first six weeks, and another lost a game at home for the first time in 14 tries.

Yes, ’tis the season for playoff roller derby.

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