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The narratives about the rise and fall of Reggie Bush have long been written. He was supposed to be the next Barry Sanders, an electric and explosive ball-carrier who could do anything at any time he wanted to. Any time he touched the ball with running room, he was a threat to take it to the house. Coming into a league transitioning to more “satellite” players, he was the ultimate satellite.

And then he wasn’t.

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When Reggie Bush was given many dollars by the Detroit Lions, there was hope in the air again. He may lose some goal-line touches to Mikel Leshoure, because ramming into things is pretty much the only skill Leshoure possesses. But that’s not what filled the fake footballing masses with gleeful giddiness.

Bush is at his best when he’s consistently given opportunities to find open space and create. Maybe that’s done through toss plays when he can use his speed on the outside, instead of battling through the much larger bodies in the middle. But it’s done most effectively by using Bush as a receiver in the flats, and in a Darren Sproles role.

That’s why there was much fantasy giggling when Bush signed with the Lions. Oh, he’ll receive hand-offs, and do the things that a conventional running back does. But he’ll also be playing with Matthew Stafford, the quarterback who led the league in passing attempts this past season with 727. And it wasn’t even close, as Drew Brees finished second with 670.

There was immediate chatter that Bush could return to his point-per-reception league fantasy stud status that he held earlier in his career. Or actually, the earliest in his career. As in the first year, when he caught 88 passes on 121 targets for 742 yards, all career highs. Now Lions head coach Jim Schwartz would like to validate that talk, presumably because he owns Bush in a PPR league.

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Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

In one of the least surprising developments of free agency so far, the Lions have reportedly signed Reggie Bush to a four-year deal, according to Lions writer Tim Twentyman.

This is only slightly less expected than the Dolphins’ signing Mike Wallace yesterday, only because for a time the Cardinals were in the Bush hunt, and then they backed out and went for the cheaper option in Rashard Mendenhall. The result is a backfield in Detroit that will resemble the backfield Bush left in Miami.

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins

If you thought the Super Bowl favourite Denver Broncos were in the running to land Reggie Bush this week, think again, according to CBS’ Vic Lombardi.

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Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins thought they found a solution to their running back problems two season’s ago when they acquired running back Reggie Bush from the New Orleans Saints for safety Jonathon Amaya and picks, now it appears they are right back in the same situation this off-season.

According to the Miami Herald, three teams are currently talking with the agent for free agent Reggie Bush, Joel Segal, and according to a source for the Herald, the Dolphins are not one of the three teams.

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Buffalo will never be mistaken for Miami, Las Vegas or Toledo for that matter. With that said I love the city. Good people, diabetes inducing food and the Bills mafia have made it one of my favorite cities in the world — seriously.

On the Paul and Young Ron show, Bush was goaded into ripping the fine women of Buffalo. Based on Bush’s taste, they may have dodged a bullet.

But this isn’t TMZ, so instead of criticizing Bush for appearing on a radio show that could’ve been parodied on a horrible Saturday Night Live sketch, we’ll take a look at the declining production of one of this season’s early fantasy stars.

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We’ve reached the point in the fantasy season where managers should pick a course of action for their team. There are three possible options:

1. Your team has no chance of making the playoffs, and if you’ve in a keeper league, you should begin the fire-sale immediately.

2. Your team is scrambling to make the playoffs, and all you care about is winning this coming Sunday.

3. Your team is destined for the playoffs, and you can afford the luxury of making some decisions based on future matchups (i.e. fantasy playoffs).

It’s crucial that you classify your team properly, because heading down the wrong path could cost you a championship.

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