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That’s because Rex Grossman is inactive, and while normally that wouldn’t be notable, today it means that during the first game of Robert Griffin III’s career, the Redskins are cool with having only two rookies at the quarterback position. They’re fine with that despite RG3′s status as a mobile, scrambling quarterback who could therefore expose himself to injury quickly.

Say what you will about Rex Grossman. He’s terrible. He’s inaccurate. He throws too many interceptions. And he’s terrible.

Those are all reasons why he’ll never be a starting quarterback in the NFL again. But he still has a cannon, and far more importantly, he possesses the most important attribute a backup QB can have, especially when he’s playing behind a rookie: experience.

So the Redskins are one awkward fall away from a Kirk Cousins appearance. He impressed during the preseason, but he did that mostly against second and third stringers. Oh, and they’re also supporting their rookie quarterback who’s being backed up by a rookie quarterback with a rookie running back who was a sixth-round pick.

Welcome to the Redskins 2012 season.