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Yeah, this is happening.

Oh c’mon now, don’t fake being surprised. At this point the only Jets development that should surprise you is if, I dunno, moments after this picture was taken during his vaca with his Bahama mamma, Ryan was devoured whole by a polar bear on that beach, and said bear is also wearing a Sanchez jersey. There’s a little known NFL rule that if a coach is eaten in such a manner, the animal then assumes his position for the following season.

So what say you, Jets fans? Would you take Rexy in 2013, or the polar bear?

It’s now quite clear why Ryan is so dedicated to Mark Sanchez. We can only assume the Tim Tebow tattoo is somewhere in the buttocks region.

There seems to be a lot of cameras at the Jets training camp. This Tebow fella may be responsible for that, or maybe it’s the celebrity sightings, including a celebrity who’s far more famous than her backup boyfriend, and I’ll always remember her as the young daughter who knew how to defend the veer in Remember the Titans (still love you, Hayden).

Or maybe it’s just New York being New York, where there’s a lot of beat writers who have little to do, and a lot of time to do it. Whatever the case, everything that happens with the Jets has been amplified as we conclude the first week of training camp, like when Antonio Cromartie said that he’s the second best receiver on the team and then followed that up with an equally dimwitted comment by saying he “didn’t mean anything by it.” Smooth.

So it’s in this environment that the Jets finally rolled out their wildcat package yesterday, featuring new wildcat maestro Tim Tebow. And lo, it was great, and it featured a quarterback running, and mostly just running. But hey Rex Ryan, how much will you use this new gadget? Surely you’ll keep it reasonable to maintain the element of surprise, right?

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