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The ballgame always comes down to inches in the playoffs, doesn’t it? It wasn’t different this past Sunday when the Seahawks defeated the 49ers on a last-second interception. An inch and it would have gone over Richard Sherman’s head, sending the 49ers to the Super Bowl via a Michael Crabtree catch. An inch and it would have quelled the criticism of Colin Kaepernick. An inch and it would have quieted Sherman – maybe.

The Seahawks won a tough game that came down to the final 32 seconds of the fourth quarter. The game’s brutality and closeness was expected, as the two teams had met previously and were similarly structured throughout their rosters. They were built the same way, but both couldn’t win on this day. It would come down to one play, one that would send a roar from CenturyLink Field through Sherman’s mouth to New York.

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Sir, do you have a license for that vehicle?

Much like Ron Burgundy and his choice of milk, earlier this week Richard Sherman made a decision he regretted immediately. During an interview with the Vancouver Sun (Canadian content! Drink!), he said that “half the league” takes Adderall. Sherman, as you’ll surely recall, was nearly suspended for Adderall use this past season, but then his appeal was successful.

You should put on your surprised face: the league didn’t enjoy Sherman’s remark, mostly because it’s surely false, and also because players shouldn’t even be hinting that 50 percent of the league is on any drug. Sherman then slammed it in reverse quicker than the average grandfather backing over a flowerpot, telling NFL Network this morning that he was misquoted.

And really, what’s the difference between saying “a bunch” and “half’? What’s a few hundred players between friends?

Now PFT has obtained the transcript of the original interview, so you can judge for yourself whether or not Sherman really was misquoted (hint: he wasn’t).

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Congratulations, Richard Sherman, you locked down a weak receiving core with a bum quarterback and beat the Washington Redskins. Now can you act like you’ve won before?

Trent Williams was wrong to hit Sherman after the Redskins lost Sunday. I would have hit him repeatedly. What would you expect after beating a guy at home to end his season and getting in his face after the game? Maybe Williams didn’t mean to gouge Sherman’s eye. Instead, he was telling him to go back to the circus and paint his face in sign language.

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