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I honestly, really tried to go a full day without writing about Rob Gronkowski’s back, and the fantasy implications of his injury. Or just Gronkowski in general. I like you man, I really do. But we need to take a break.

However, NFL Network’s Albert Breer is connected — as most Albert Breer-type media folk are — and he passed along some interesting information regarding Gronk and the recovery he now faces. For those of you who aren’t on the Twitters eight hours a day (*lowers head, shifts slightly in chair to increase blood circulation*) I thought it was worth passing on.

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Sometimes, the celestial bodies align just so. Or maybe it’s true that I’ve been blessed from the heavens above and have an almighty power, which is unfortunate because, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.

Mere moments after I posted my latest value mining effort and wrote many kind words about Rob Housler, a troubling Rob Gronkowski item bounced across my computer screen.

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Remember those cheery times Monday morning when I told you that right now even in April, Rob Gronkowski comes with at least slight fantasy risk? No, you probably tried to block that from you memory entirely.

Well, maybe you should continue with that now, because there’s hope Gronk will be just fine.

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Whenever my calender still says April and there’s a serious NFL injury, that’s bad (#analysis).

A year ago we experienced this on what at the time seemed like a more minor level when Eagles tackle Jason Peters went down. We knew that meant horrifying fantasy football things for Michael Vick, but it was difficult to determine exactly how damaging Peters’ absence would be.

When the answer was only 10 starts, well, that sucked.

But now here in early April we have a much more direct injury with potentially significant fantasy implications to one Rob Gronkowski. Or as he’s also known: the best fantasy tight end ever.

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Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

The New England Patriots may be without Rob Gronkowski for their season opener if he requires another surgery to his forearm to clear up an infection, according to a report in the Boston Herald.

Gronkowski, who originally underwent surgery in November after breaking his left forearm, had a second surgery after re-injuring the arm in the playoff loss to the Ravens. Recently though, he has reportedly been dealing with an infection in an area where a second metal plate was placed to repair the arm.

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Super Bowl XLVI

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who spent Super Bowl week in full party mode, was spotted at Universial Studios this week wearing a tank top that basically sums up his true feelings about his actions in New Orleans.

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Rob Gronkowski may have relatively brittle forearms, but he seems like a decent cat. He likes to smash home runs, rock Zubaz (the ’80′s will never die!), and he has championship level body-shot technique.

He’s also a pretty thirsty guy.

Thirsty enough that he’d drop a hundred bucks on a glass a lemonade.

And as he was leaving the CBS section of Radio Row, he ran into a small child selling lemonade. The kid asked him to purchase a drink and he did just that, except he paid a little more than the drink actually costs, handing the kid a $100 bill.

This is may be a delightful gesture, but Gronk should beware. This young ‘ade peddler could be an Indianapolis Colts fan. A tiny, bitter fan whose hell bent on destroying the New England Patriots one-by-one. Or he’s just a cute kid selling lemonade.

He’s one of those two things.

Photo via CBS Sports