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This very much falls into the “in case you missed it over the weekend while you were drinking things on docks” category. Oh, and I’m also fulfilling my contractual obligation to go crazy over every morsel of Robert Griffin III injury news.

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Everything about Robert Griffin III’s knee looks to be moving forward swimmingly, and it has been for quite some time. He’s been running, throwing, cutting, sprinting, shifting, juking, jiving, and generally quarterbacking.

Sure, all of that has happened in shorts during the spring, when facing contact (always the most important hurdle in any recovery) is a far away dream. But so far, the Robert Griffin III we’ve seen during OTAs has looked like the Robert Griffin III we saw throughout his dominant rookie season, which is quite remarkable since he tore his ACL and partially tore his LCL in January. That prompted reconstructive surgery, and initially the assumption was that he’d miss at least a month or so this fall, and likely more.

Ha, remember when that was a thing? Then Griffin started running on fields with exploding scoreboards, and blowing our damn minds. One question, though, and it’s a pretty big deal for both reality and fantasy purposes, especially for those of you who own Griffin in keeper or dynasty leagues.

Five years from now, will Griffin still be Griffin? How about 10?

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I had read scattered reports from last week’s practices that Robert Griffin III is now sprinting, and cutting, and doing some very explosive things with his surgically-repaired knee that made the folks in attendance forget he has a surgically repaired knee at all. But now Peter King (quick aside: our boy Petey shares a birthday today and forever with Kate Upton…poor Kate, always overshadowed and forgotten) dropped some very specific details in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, adding to the Griffin denim puncturing everywhere.

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Why start a week off with just one Robert Griffin III post, when you can have two? You know what, screw it, let’s go for seven straight RG3 posts. Maybe we’ll take this even further and declare an RG3 day, or an RG3 week.

Anywho, just after I gave Griffin the biggest bro hug ever, another Griffin-item that’s actually tied to football and is much more important for fantasy purposes (though not remotely surprising) bounced across my screen: he’s cool with playing in Week 1 even if he doesn’t participate in any preseason action.

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I know this is shocking, but it’s been nearly three weeks since the last time we passed along a Robert Griffin III injury update of some kind. Specifically, 20 days and 20 nights have passed, and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Since most of these posts will sound similar until, oh, August, I’ll keep this one bite-sized.

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When Robert Griffin III’s knee went pop this past January on a field that resembled the average bomb testing site, the second guessing was immediate. And in the opinion of this guy (me), entirely justified.

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Throughout this week and, well, until August and then well beyond that until next February, we’ll often turn our attention back to something we hold dearly: fantasy footballing.

Oh sure, we stray from such matters a bit in the offseason months that are so long, but throughout this week we’ll look back on which recently drafted rookies have a chance to make a fantasy impact in 2013. Then I’m sure throughout May, June, and July I’ll also write other fantasy things I haven’t thought of yet. The offseason may seem like it’s an everlasting doom-filled journey, but those are the only true dead months in the NFL calender, and they’re so very cold. But hey, I’m game for whatever I can do to avoid ranking the top 10 long snappers.

To stick our toe back into the fiery fantasy waters, here’s a pretty important note from a pretty important player at a pretty important position.

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