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Washington Redskins v New York Giants

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is currently recovering from off-season knee surgery,  set the single-season record for jersey sales this past season, according to

Last year, RG3 threw for 3,200 yards with 20 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Sean updated his rehab program last week, as he has finally reached a stage where he can begin running.

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Finally we have some wise words with an unfamiliar odor coming from Robert Griffin III’s camp regarding the state of his recovery, and his Week 1 playing aspirations next fall. Mmmm, smells like logic.

It’s just a little crappy that those words had to come from RG3, and not the Redskins officials who are continually leaking “encouraging” news about his progress.

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Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins

Encouraging news out of Washington today in regards to the health of Robert Griffin III.

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Those in the Andrew Luck camp during the offensive rookie of the year discussion continually cited value, an elusive and vague concept that can be manipulated into whatever you wish. The basic argument was that Luck had much less to work with as he guided the Colts to the playoffs, while Robert Griffin III was supported by the likes of Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon, with Morris finishing second in rushing yards (1,613, and 100.8 per game).

There’s truth in that, as beyond Reggie Wayne, Luck dealt with very little backfield help, and two fellow rookie tight ends. But we’re not discussing exclusively value, and Griffin’s numbers were too overwhelming, which is why he’s been named the offensive rookie of the year.

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You’re a Robert Griffin III owner in a keeper or a dynasty league, and you’ve already consumed several inanimate objects as you worry about his knee. That’s a pretty unhealthy nervous reaction. You should get that looked at.

Anyone who’s associated with the Redskins has said he’s going to be fine, and they wouldn’t lie, right? RIGHT? Of course not, simmer, bro. Everything will be fine, as I’m sure after Griffin tore his ACL for the second time in three years in addition to his LCL and suffering meniscus damage, there won’t be a single hiccup in his recovery, and there’s no reason whatsoever to downgrade his value now, or later this year as we head into the summer and training camp looms.

And if you honestly think that, I can only assume you also believe in, I dunno, cloud telekinesis.

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I know, and I’m sorry. You’ve spent most of this week hearing about every muscle twitch in Robert Griffin III’s knee (or, er, the lack of muscle twitching, and muscle in general), and how it will surely implode at any moment. Right now you’d like to focus on another weekend of playoff football that starts so very, very shortly. We’ll be doing plenty of that, and soon this space will be invaded with all of the moving pictures and LOL’s you could possibly desire. It’ll be great fun. Promise.

But we have to press pause on our playoff priming and investigative weather reporting briefly to relay some more grave concerns about RG3′s knee, this time by way of ProFootballTalk.

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Some good news from the doctor of all doctors this afternoon. Via Jay Glazer and that damn thing he uses on twitter, Dr.Andrews released a comment after the surgery:

“Robert Griffin III had successful knee surgery early this morning. He had a direct repair of his LCL and a re-do of his previous ACL reconstruction. We expect a full recovery and it is everybody’s hope and belief that due to Robert’s high motivation, he will be ready for the 2013 season.”

That last part is huge. Robert Griffin’s play on the field has been a revelation this season. More important, at least in terms of his recovery, is his strengths off the field. The guy clearly has a good head on his shoulders. That head — mind, you know what I mean — will be huge in determining whether he will be able to come all the way back and start the 2013 season. Here’s hoping.