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I know you’re scared right now, and the world is a cold and lonely place. We’re only a few weeks removed from the conclusion of the 2012 fantasy football season, a season in which Robert Griffin III provided you with great draft value, finishing among the top overall scorers. And now, he could already be set to miss a chunk of the 2013 regular season.

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UPDATE (1:30 a.m.): Holy $%&!. I mean, I guess we expected this, but holy @#&#@!%$!. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is now reporting that Robert Griffin III will undergo a total reconstruction of his knee after a complete tear of his ACL and LCL, and the projected recovery is six-to-eight months. The low end of that has him ready for training camp, and recovered by early July. And on the high end, the first Sunday of the 2013 season (Sept. 8) is almost exactly eight months away. We now return you to the original post, and Bryan Adams…

Now it cuts like a knife
But it feels so right
It cuts like a knife
But it feels so right

No, Bryan Adams. It feels wrong, dead wrong.

Knives and mobile quarterbacks who have already had a knee cut up in the relatively recent past don’t play well together. And sometime in the next few days, Robert Griffin III’s knee will be the subject of precise cuts by Dr. James Andrews.

That appointment has been booked, according to the Washington Post, and later this week Griffin will have surgery to repair a torn LCL in his right knee. And Andrews figures that, what the hell, he may as well also check out the ACL while he’s in there, and determine how much damage has been done to that ligament too.

Just potentially significant damage to two knee ligaments for a quarterback who’s already torn his right ACL, and injured the LCL earlier this year. No worries, guys.

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Later today we’ll learn the extent of Robert Griffin III’s injury — or at least his latest one — after his MRI. It could be just a minor re-aggravation, or it could be something much more serious.

But really, the severity doesn’t matter. At all.

After a night to reflect on my lengthy rant on the handling of Griffin during the Redskins’ playoff loss yesterday to the Seahawks, and the senseless stubbornness which was at play, the presence of something much greater than the need to win at any cost — even torn ligaments — has become clear. There is an embedded sense within football culture that if you’re not hurting, you’re not trying.

It will never change, or even flirt with change. So Redskins fans can only look back now, and know that cyclical mindset steeped in masculinity may have cost their team a playoff win.

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Please accept my apologies for what’s about to follow, Seattle. Your team won this game, and it deserved to win this game, and in the immediate aftermath of the Seahawks’ 24-14 win over Washington — their first playoff road win since 1983 — our focus should be on those fine Seahawks with their youth and swagger. Oh, and douche punk cornerbacks. That too.

Blame Mike Shanahan’s stubbornness, and total disregard for his quarterback’s health. Blame an asinine football culture in which playing on one leg is viewed as honorable. Blame a tough guy, rah rah, mentality. Blame logic, and the lack thereof.

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Seconds after I wondered why the hell Mike Shanahan is leaving Robert Griffin III in the game since he was clearly hobbled and ineffective, and unable to do anything that’s made him an offensive rookie of the year candidate, this happened…

It gets worse from this angle…

Oh, you just ate dinner? My bad.

This is all a result of ignorance by Mike Shanahan, and an offshoot of a football culture which looks upon those who play hurt to the point that being carried off the field isn’t just a dumb clichè as heroes. It was abundantly obvious that Griffin was hobbled beyond merely not being able to run, and shift, and cut. He couldn’t protect himself, and the final blow came on the simple act of trying to stop abruptly and pick up a loose ball.

But hey, tough guys tough stuff out, man.

Marshawn Lynch just rumbled for a 27-yard touchdown, completing a Seahawks’ comeback of 21 unanswered points that started in the second quarter, when Washington held a 14-point lead.

So now with seven minutes left the Redskins need a season-saving drive that ends in a season-saving touchdown. ‘Skins fans, do you really trust your messiah to lead such a drive when he looks like this?

Robert Griffin III has been ordinary since aggravating his knee injury in the first half on a hit which stripped him of his main asset: his speed, and his ability to cut upfield. Save us, Kirk Cousins?

The Washington Redskins are on course for their first division title since 1999. They have one man to thank for this — Alfred Morris, Kirk Cousins and the posse had their moments. RG3′s perfectly thrown touchdown pass to Santana Moss capped a 27-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Griffin had just 13 fantasy points on the day — two touchdowns and one interception — but fans of the Redskins don’t care. Relevancy never felt so good.