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Mercifully, it’s almost over. We’ve monitored every twitch of Robert Griffin III’s knee for two weeks, and now he’s officially listed as probable after going full speed for the third straight day in practice.

So we can end this, right? We can just assume Griffin is playing, slot him in, and never speak of this week again, yes? Well, that pretty much sounds like what head coach Mike Shanahan is doing.

From the Washington Post:

“When I say ‘probable,’ there’s a very, very good chance he’s going to play,” Shanahan said following Griffin’s third consecutive day of full participation in practice. “It doesn’t look like there’s any setbacks with him. But if something crazy happened, obviously, we would know before the game. But talking to him after practice, he’s fine.”

Shanahan had maintained all week that Griffin’s clearance to play was up to the team’s doctors as they closely observed the quarterback for any swelling in the knee that he injured two weeks ago against Baltimore.

Shanahan said that he expected to receive official word from the doctors later on Friday, but that in all likelihood, Griffin will play.
“If I put him as probable, it’s 98 percent, so that’s pretty good. I know I’m not a doctor,” Shanahan said with a chuckle, “but he took all the reps today.”

Aha! See, what IF something crazy happens? Like what if RG3 is out tomorrow night, minding his own business while walking his dog, when suddenly a giant sea creature emerges from the deep and eats him whole!

Or what about death by chickens? Surely they’ll get their revenge someday.

Yeah, he’s playing.

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Hello there, and welcome to our daily Robert Griffin III injury update which we’re now bound by a blood contract to provide. I’ll be your host. No, this isn’t the old Merv Griffin set.

You were given a reason to eat all of those gingerbread cookies that you’re significant other baked for the family Christmas party yesterday when Griffin did much more than just participate in practice, as he went “full speed.” Eating things when you’re happy is the quickest way to become unhappy. But YOLO.

There was still some fear that after he tested his knee and did very Robert Griffin III-type things in practice — running, throwing while running, cutting and running and then throwing, more running — that the injury may not respond well. Welp, we can now let that fear die a glorious death.

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Earlier today we told you that although Robert Griffin III will surely progress this week since it’s a known scientific fact that the human body heals itself over time, his knee likely still won’t be fully healed before the Redskins’ Week 16 game against the Eagles.

Now it seems that could be horrifically awful news. Why? Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said that his quarterback won’t start again until he’s 100 percent healed, according to The Associated Press.

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So somehow you made it through semi final week without Robert Griffin III, the leading scorer in fantasy football. This was accomplished primarily by not changing clothes throughout the entire week. Yeah, I’d say you took that whole lucky sock, shirt, pants, and underwear thing a little too far, but whatever works.

Now your breathing has started to return to its normal pace, which is nice and healthy. A week from now you’ll be filling your body with turkey and other various festive gorging, so you need to be in prime condition. You’re starting to feel pretty good about yourself, because since Griffin was only narrowly scratched this week, surely he’s on track to play next week, right?


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If you were busy having a life in some way last night around 9 p.m. ET when word that Robert Griffin III won’t play today began to trickle out (personally, I was watching Braveheart while being festive with a hearty glass of rum and egg nog), you’re probably waking up to horrific news right about now.

Pick that chin up, friend. Yes, the highest-scoring fantasy player is out, which is crushing. But you knew Griffin missing a week was a strong possibility the moment his grade 1 LCL sprain occured last Sunday. We all may have been guilty of getting a little too giddy when he was able to practice in a limited capacity throughout the week, and there were pleasant, cheery words about his play coming from the likes of Kyle and Mike Shanahan. But when Jay Glazer reported Friday afternoon that Griffin hadn’t taken even a single practice rep with the first-team offense yet, the possibility of Sunday pain became very real. This isn’t over yet either, as injury expert Jene Bramel notes that Griffin should be “closer to playing” next week, but he’ll still go through a week of limited practice time and cautious preparation (*shivers*) .

And so semi-final week without Griffin will begin in a matter of hours, as he won’t even be active, leaving Rex Grossman to be Kirk Cousins’ backup. Hopefully if you weren’t confident in your QB2 you made a waiver claim on one of our five recommendations earlier in the week, or hell, the guy on the opposite sideline today is still a fine desperation play. But the fantasy impact of Griffin’s absence extends beyond the quarterback, in my view hitting two other major areas and players:

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UPDATE (3:06 p.m. ET): Alright so maybe we shouldn’t feel so warm and confident about Griffin’s playing status after all. Jay Glazer is now reporting that he hasn’t taken a single first-team practice rep all week, duties which have fallen to Kirk Cousins. Glazer also calls Griffin a “true game-time decision”. Youch.

At least you have the benefit of Redskins-Browns being in the early block of games with a 1:00 ET kickoff, making this white-knuckle game-day decision much easier. Stay safe out there, guys.

And we return to your breathless Robert Griffin III updating, with his knee now more popular than I was in my senior year of high school.

Frankly, there’s not much left to say at this point, which is problematic because I’m in the business of saying things about stuff. When his grade one LCL sprain occurred last week we generally expected Griffin to miss practice time, possibly be limited in a practice or two, and then enter the weekend slapped with the ol’ game-time decision tag. And that’s basically what’s happened, as Griffin is now officially listed as questionable, even though Redskins beat reporters still widely expect him to play Sunday against the Browns.

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The positive news here is that nothing horrible happened during RG3′s limited practice. Planting and throwing weren’t issues and he’s confident he’ll be able to push himself further as the week wears on. Griffin will wear a brace on his knee if he plays on Sunday.

With the Redskins in the hunt for a playoff berth for the first time in five years — Jason Campbell was their starting QB back then, heady times — it’s hard to imagine Griffin not playing against the Browns. His status will determine the fate of fantasy owners who rode the rookie’s amazing season into the playoffs. Best wishes to all involved.