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Do you like impressing people with knowledge you acquired on the Internet? Or maybe you’re in a deep league, like stupid deep. We’re talking 14 teams, or maybe even 18. Yeah, 18-team leagues exist. So let’s look for sleepers and waiver wire gold together, and be wrong together, and maybe cry together.

Everyone loves the underdog. Hollywood has been cashing in on that infatuation and making bad movies about little engines and the like for years, along with exaggerating heartwarming stories about little sluggers who were trotted out onto the Notre Dame field for like a play or three. Super awesome, you guys.

But among wide receivers over the past several seasons, the little fast dude has been the king of the sleepers. Specifically, Victor Cruz has been sort of good after going undrafted, and he’s since started a mad hunt for the next Victor Cruz. So yeah, thanks for that, Victor.

And with that, I give you undrafted Raiders rookie Rod Streater.

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