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There are people — far, far too many people — who were once associated with the game of football in some way, and they’re now paid handsomely to spew idiocy to you through the moving pictures on your TV. The common assumption is that this exercise peaks right now, during the five months of the NFL’s regular season and playoffs. Sadly, that’s wrong, because what the hell are we supposed to talk about from mid February until late July, and especially between the end of the draft and the start of training camp?

Tim Tebow, because of course. And we can just complain about stuff.

This cult of talking heads breeds and multiplies every offseason as coaches are fired, and players retire. They seek to entertain you, and in doing so they become intolerably annoying. For example: if you put yourself through the pre-game show tonight, a few minutes prior to kickoff as it’s wrapping up four grown men will make grotesque faces on your TV while screaming something about a BEEEAAAASSTTTTTT.

Mostly, though, talking heads seek to make you angry with epic, Skip Bayless-level trolling. That’s why I try to ignore them, but sometimes their idiocy can’t be walled off.

With that I present to you Ron Jaworski, king of the curmudgeons.

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