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Wherever Brian Urlacher lands eventually — if he lands anywhere…eventually — he’ll be the weakest link. Which is why we remain hopeful that he’ll land somewhere, because fake footballing is much more enjoyable when there’s an aging slow guy playing middle linebacker for the team tasked with stopping your running back.

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The Titans are evidently seeking to be the baddest men in the land. And to do that, they need more pass rushing. Much more.


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San Diego Chargers v New York Jets

Tim Tebow is still without a job after being released by the New York Jets this week, but that doesn’t mean teams have closed the door on signing him this off-season. The Eagles, Bears and Cowboys are among teams that have already stated they have no interest in signing the former Florida Gator, but would the Dolphins be a fit?

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who’s offices are based out of South Florida, said he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the Dolphins sign him to a contract.


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What follows is sprinkled with some speculation and conjecture. Integrity is for suckers.

We’re indulging in such possibly haphazard tomfoolery in this specific instance because after the events during the draft deep in the heart of Tennessee, we could be looking at an entirely reconfigured Titans wide receiver depth chart a year from now.

In reality, that’s intriguing. In fantasy, that’s downright exciting.

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Tyler Eifert to the Panthers?


Fantasy footballing folk can now embrace their inner crazy. There’s a chance — a chance, I tell you — that Tyler Eifert could end up in Carolina.

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The Ravens could chase after Lane Johnson


The problem with winning a championship and then trying to do it again is that the entire universe is against you. Have holes to fill? Ha, good luck in free agency, because that 32nd perch in the first round sure does suck.

The Ravens did that, as after a gutting early in free agency, general manager Ozzie Newsome plugged multiple holes by signing the likes of Michael Huff, Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Rolando McClain, and Elvis Dumervil. Aside from that last guy, those signings are all at minimum slight downgrades, but they’re capable nonetheless.

One hole that’s a pretty big deal remains, though: left tackle, and Newsome could be eying a solution that requires a bounding leap up from that 32nd spot.

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Will Tyler Eifert be targeted by the Falcons in a trade up?

During the top half of Thursday night’s opening round, nobody really wants to draft anyone. The problem, of course, is that someone has to draft someone. That’s how drafts work. Players get drafted (#analysis).

But as I’ve written so often while assessing this draft and I’ll surely do it again and again throughout this week, with no premier prospect and anchor at the top (think Andrew Luck, or Robert Griffin III), we could see a whole lot of trade activity Thursday, and we could see it immediately.

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