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How far will Geno Smith fall?


Or maybe more accurately, the question should be: will he fall? If he starts to fall, how long does it last? And will he be Aaron Rodgers’ed?

Yesterday, the pre-draft buzzing shifted away from the draft, and squarely to the shoulders and shredded yet recovering knee of Darrelle Revis. Bucs fans rejoiced, while Jets fans made their John Idzik voodoo dolls that they’ll meticulously destroy Thursday.

The Revis trade that mercifully reached its conclusion yesterday sent the cornerback to the Bucs in exchange for Tampa’s first-round pick this year, and a conditional pick in 2014 that will almost surely be a third rounder. A little later on I’ll look at the draft implications of what went down yesterday, and our boy Alen Dumonjic will check in with his tape guru rantings, breaking down how Revis fits into the Bucs’ secondary.

But right now let’s wonder aloud about the question asked by our friendly headline, and Revis’ impact on said question.

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He’s put pen to paper and the deal is done. Darrelle Revis is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Adam Schefter reports the Bucs will send their 1st round pick (13th overall) and a conditional 4th round pick that could turn into a third in 2014 to the Jets. Revis signed a 6-year deal with Tampa Bay that will make him the highest paid DB in NFL history but it does not include any guaranteed money. In total the contract is worth $96 million. Revis will make $16 million in each year of the deal.

Update 4:36 pm

UPDATE II: ESPN reports the deal includes the 13th overall pick. Revis has arrived at the Bucs facility and remains in the building as the deal progresses.

UPDATE: According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, a deal is in place between the Jets and Buccaneers for Revis.

It appears we may final have some closure in the Darrelle Revis trade rumors, that have been going on for quite some time now. According to multiple reports, the Jets have granted permission for Revis to visit and take a physical with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



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Update (12:24 p.m. ET): Annnnd now the Chiefs have given Miami permission to talk to Albert, hoping communication will help facilitate a trade. It’s a necessary step because Albert needs to be signed to a long-term contract, another element that’s pushing him out of Kansas City. He was franchised by the Chiefs, and if he signs the tender he’s due to be paid a fully guaranteed $9.82 million next year. That’s a significant sum of cash dedicated to one position for either team involved in this trade, and it’s why the Dolphins will look to negotiate a long-term deal to lower the cap hit.

Continually over the next week you’ll bear buzz words about potential players involved in potential trades. The draft is the last stop for assets to be moved during the NFL offseason, because if a team doesn’t capitalize on an opportunity next week, their possible trade partner will turn to the draft board to fill whatever need lingered. Hear that, John Idzik?

While the Jets continue to be recklessly stubborn with their Darrelle Revis dealings, last night another highly possible trade emerged, and it’s one that makes a whole lot of sense for both parties involved. That means it definitely won’t happen.

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It’s difficult to write this in a way I haven’t already written about 19 times, so I’ll just go ahead and roll with some repetition: if the Jets have no intention of signing Darrelle Revis to a long-term deal (they don’t) and one that will pay him the $16 million annual salary he desires (they don’t), then he should be traded before the draft, and before the only team that’s interested (Bucs…MOAR BRACKETS) has an opportunity to fill their need with a younger and much cheaper option

And that will probably happen, at which point our universe will look elsewhere for its entertainment. Until then, there will be abrupt stops and starts in negotiations as reported by people with a lot of sources in a lot of places. You’re up next, Sal Paolantonio.

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The Chiefs are generating all the chatter this morning. Such is life when you’re the holder of the sacred first-overall pick.

Say, anonymous NFL general manager, are you in need of large-bodied man who can protect your feeble-bodied quarterback? And do you have a surplus of draft picks? Well, the Chiefs (reportedly) have a helluva deal for you.

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Dion Jordan to the Chiefs?


In so very many posts over the past month, I’ve included a disclaimer. It usually says something like this: I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT AND IT COULD BE BUT WHATEVER SO HERE IT IS OK BYE.

That’s just paraphrasing, but you get the general idea. For many reasons teams can fake interest in a certain player leading up to the draft, and they display said fake interest through the media and leaked reports, or by having prospects whom they care little about in for visits. It’s a time-honored strategy which results in a white out of white noise throughout the month of April, and especially now as we approach the final week before the draft.

So with that unnecessarily lengthy preamble done, please be aware that the Chiefs could select Dion Jordan with their first overall pick.

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San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

The Baltimore Ravens are nearing a deal with former Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, according to Adam Schefter.

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