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That’s because one of the many scary dudes on the 49ers defense likely won’t play tonight. Less scary men = a slightly less scary fantasy starting quarterback.

San Francisco has been trying to say as little as possible about the status of Justin Smith’s elbow this week. That attempt at confusion came to a head Friday when the defensive end was listed as doubtful, and then head coach Jim Harbaugh called him questionable. Funny guy, that Jim.

But predictably, it’s now becoming clear that Smith won’t play, and when the inactives for tonight’s primetime divisional clash are announced around 7 p.m. ET, his name will be on that digital communication. For those who are currently pondering starting Wilson against one of the league’s best defenses, that’s splendid news.

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“If you didn’t know he was a rookie, you wouldn’t think he was.” – Ray Horton

The words uttered from the mouth of  the Cardinals’ respected blitz-happy defensive coordinator were a sign of the utmost respect towards the young man the football world calls “DangeRuss,” a heavily scrutinized athlete prior to being selected 75th overall in the 2012 draft who has now gained full backing from rabid football fanatics and support league wide. Gil Brandt perhaps gave the biggest endorsement through the eyes of a personnel man when he said, “You go broke looking for those guys. For every guy that you draft, that’s three inches and four inches below the accepted minimum, 99 of 100 are going to fail. He’s a real exception.”

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The playoffs are in full swing and every start-sit decision is crucial. This week, we give permanent green-light status to a rookie QB, consider benching one of Buffalo’s unappreciated running backs, and throw up the red light for one star running back.

 Green Light: Russell Wilson

It has been a pleasure to watch Russell Wilson develop this season. With 15+ fantasy points in each of the last 5 weeks vs CHI, MIA, MIN, NYJ and DET, he’s proven that owners don’t need to flex him out against good defenses anymore. Critics cautioned he would struggle in the pros because he wasn’t tall enough to see over the offensive line. Yet somehow, Wilson has gone through the season with just eight interceptions, while getting just 1.4% of his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage (the league average is 1.9%).

Taking on an Arizona Cardinals defense that has allowed the third fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks this season appears to be a daunting task. Not for Wilson. In seven road starts, he has eight TDs and eight INTs. Yes, that means he has zero interceptions at home and 11 touchdowns to boot. With Sunday’s game coming at home in Seattle, I’m giving Wilson the full green light. Read the rest of this entry »

For the Aaron Rodgers or Robert Griffin III owner who desires to do awful things to the league’s schedule maker who put two of the top fantasy producers on the same bye late in the season, Russell Wilson is the best bye week fill-in not named Ryan Tannehill. We slotted him among the top quarterback waiver candidates earlier this week, and yet even now on a Friday long after claims have been processed, both Wilson and Tannehill are still available in 84 percent of ESPN leagues. All ya’ll Rodgers and Griffin owners must be pretty confident in your backups, I guess.

The more I think about it — and I think about such matters far too much — the more I think Tannehill should be favored here since he has a matchup against a Titans defense that’s giving up 273.4 passing yards per game at a rate of eight yards per attempt. That’s a lot, and it should lead to a lot of fun for Tannehill. But Wilson could have some fun times too.

The reasons for that are equally clear as the Jets travel across the country to visit Seattle. Although Antonio Cromartie has shut down top receivers, Darrelle Revis still isn’t walking through that door, and a pass rush that’s barely been a pass rush at all (just 12 sacks) will struggle to contain a mobile quarterback.

But if you need another reason to trot out Wilson during these desperate, trying times, there’s a stat for that.

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Russell Wilson is cut from a different cloth.

The 5’11″ wonder has an amazing ability to play with consistency week in and week out regardless of what team he’s playing for, what stadium he’s in, what scheme it is, and even what sport it is (word has it he was a pretty good baseball player too).

For college ball, he went east to North Carolina St. and played in a West Coast Offense before transitioning west to Wisconsin where he helped execute a power running offense. He did all of that with no drop-off in production — he actually got better – and yet many NFL scouts said he was too short to play quarterback. When someone brought up Drew Brees as a comparison, critics said “but that’s Drew Brees! He’s the exception, not the standard for short passers”.

Someone forgot to tell Wilson that.

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Are you rolling with the quarterback strategy this year, and gunning for one of the top passers in the opening rounds while being satisfied with a risk and a question mark or three at the running back position? Are you infatuated with Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees, and have posters of them on your ceiling so they’re the first thing you see upon waking up every morning?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, I suggest that you start getting friendly with Russell Wilson quickly. Go buy him a bouquet of flowers right now, or maybe even a slow Loris, complete with a tiny umbrella. Best gift ever.

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