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Ryan Tannehill sat in front of a television screen that read ANTICIPATION in bold white letters. This was quarterback camp with Jon Gruden, who was sitting parallel on the left side of the squared glass table. Gruden was grilling him about his ability to lead receivers to the ball on national television. Was he good enough at it to justify being considered as highly of a prospect as peers Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III?

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UPDATE: Tannehill has a hyper-extended knee and deep thigh bruise, according to Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero. He will undergo an MRI on Monday.

Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill left the Dolphins game against the Jets with a leg injury after a sack from Calvin Pace.

Tannehill has started all seven games for Miami this season after being selected in the first round (eighth overall) by the Dolphins in the 2012 draft.  On the day, he had completed two passes in five attempts for 18 yards.

Matt Moore, who played in 13 games for the Dolphins in 2011, is now in at quarterback.

Please come back, Matt.

“Don’t worry, it’s still early”

Those are the words of denial, and they’re often the most annoying words that have ever been part of a sentence related to fantasy football. There is no “early” when the playoffs start in Week 15, making the regular season only 14 games long. Some leagues even begin their post season in Week 14.

No, you don’t need to wear water wings every Sunday and dive into a kiddie pool at the first sign of trouble. That would be weird, unnecessary, and it’ll probably piss off your mother. She likes to keep the basement clean.

But on the other end of that extreme, poor performances early in the season or production that falls far below what was expected can’t simply be disregarded because of the calender. Which brings us to Matthew Stafford.

The Lions are 1-3, which has created its own unique brand of panic in Detroit, although fans there are quite familiar with such pain and will easily adapt to any losing environment. But what of Stafford? He was drafted as one of the elite, top tier quarterbacks (ADP of about 10th overall) following a season when he passed for over 5,000 yards. His passing yards this year are holding up, although he’s not on pace to duplicate last year’s upper echelon play (current pace is 4,728 yards). But his touchdowns are down significantly at the quarter pole, as is his passer rating.

Should you be worried? Sigmund Bloom doesn’t think so. I talked to Bloom, a senior writer at Football Guys and a host for The Audible, their excellent and thorough podcast, and I asked him about Stafford after touching on Ryan Mathews, Brandon Bolden and the Patriots’ backfield, and Ryan Tannehill’s keeper outlook.

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Did your first-round pick tear a muscle you can’t pronounce? Is your top running back doing more sucking than running? Welp, let’s look for sleepers and waiver wire gold together, and be wrong together, and cry together.

For anyone who called Week 5 as the week when three Dolphins would end up on this list and two of them would be receivers, well, you need help.

What a world.

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On the NFL Network the other day Kurt Warner rated the top rookie Quarterbacks two weeks into the season. Robert Griffin was the obvious choice for the first spot, but the former Rams legend shocked many when he rated Ryan Tannehill ahead of Andrew Luck and Russ Wilson. Insert horrendously offside concussion joke here.

In terms of fantasy football, drafting rookies will always be an inexact science. RG3′s preseason projections have found the garbage bin while owners around the world are furiously googling Greg Zuerlein with reckless abandon. Every Wednesday we’ll take a look at the favorable and unfavorable match ups for rookies around the league. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop smiling, Blaine. We're not smiling.

You likely won’t start Blaine Gabbert this year in any league, or at least not until he shows some consistency. But in keeper leagues you spent highly on Justin Blackmon, hoping that he could become this year’s A.J. Green or Julio Jones, and be a cornerstone going forward. Unfortunately, his production is tied to Gabbert, which has resulted in early discouragement, and just 24 yards on two catches.

Erratic play is commonplace for young quarterbacks who are high on potential and upside, but often low on immediate returns. We expect their performance to be inconsistent, but along the way they often drag down those around them.

Reggie Bush ran for 172 yards and two touchdowns in Week 2, but he did it against the Raiders, a team that gave up the worst yards per carry last year. Does Ryan Tannehill have the overall ability to provide enough support to keep eight men out of the box? Will Christian Ponder continue progressing so that he can keep feeding Percy Harvin lots of footballs? And what do we make of Russell Wilson through two games? Going forward will he turn into the perfect sleeper quarterback as we projected back in August? I hope so, because being right is far more enjoyable than being wrong.

Eric Stoner spends more time watching quarterback game tape and evaluating these young arms than the average family doctor recommends. He contributes to Draft Breakdown, Rotoworld NFL Draft, and Big Cat Country. So with that widespread fantasy impact in mind, I asked him a few questions. Five, to be exact, starting with that kid Gabbert, and his seemingly unquenchable desire to be confusing.

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Robert Griffin III was alright yesterday. He threw balls, ran around, set records, and had a historical day.

How historical? Welp, his first touchdown pass was an 88-yarder to Pierre Garcon, and that was the longest ever first career TD pass by a QB in modern NFL history. He also became the first player to throw for over 300 yards, and have two touchdown passes without an interception in his debut, and he did it all while maintaining a 139.9 passer rating.

We’re one year removed from the insanity of Cam Newton during the opening week, and it was difficult to even envision anyone coming close to that again. I’m not sure why, though, because as I write almost daily, we’re only beginning to ascend the mountain of what should be a long and wondrous passing era, which will make those running back contracts decline even further (sorry, Maurice).

But here’s what I fear. This isn’t meant to take anything away from RG3, who’s blessed with tremendous talent and athletic ability. However, he’s in the most ideal situation to thrive out of all the five rookie quarterbacks, and we can almost make that six since Jake Locker also made his first NFL start yesterday. Griffin’s early success combined with the absurdity of Newton and to a lesser extent Andy Dalton last year will make tolerating the mistakes of rookie quarterbacks a thing of the past.

Let’s be blunt: the rest of the rookies mostly sucked yesterday, with the exception of Russell Wilson, who had a weak start but redeemed himself during a second half when he almost led a game-winning drive that was aided by an extra timeout (still love you too, replacement refs). Wilson completed 52 percent of his passes, a clip that resides somewhere between the lowly levels of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez circa 2011.

While Wilson was a little bit better than average and Griffin was historically good, Brandon Weeden was historically pathetic. He threw four interceptions, and finished with a passer rating of 5.1. As noted everywhere on the Internet, that sounds eerily similar to the 5.02 career minor league ERA that prompted him to give up his dream of becoming an MLB pitcher.

Then there’s Ryan Tannehill, whom we all expected to fail immediately due to his utter lack of any supporting cast whatsoever, and he kindly met those expectations, throwing three picks of his own. That equaled the number of INTs thrown by the king of all rookie QBs, Andrew Luck, who had brief flashes of effectiveness against the Bears, but he often looked uncomfortable in the pocket. Add his fumble and he had four turnovers, and his pick to Tim Jennings came on a drastically underthrown ball.

Tally it up, and rookie quarterbacks were responsible for 11 interceptions yesterday. In fantasy, only RG3 is now worthy of starting consistently. That’s not an overreaction to his Week 1 results, but is again a reflection of the situation he’s in, and the weapons he has to work with. Luck will recover quickly, and you can feel free to slide him in if you have bye or injury issues, or poor matchups elsewhere. And Wilson is an intriguing sleeper due to his ability to add rushing yards to his passing totals, but there’s little reason for Tannehill to be on any roster in any capacity unless you’re in a deep or dynasty league.

In reality, though, the growth of the passing game shouldn’t change the fact that this league simply isn’t easy, and the adjustment for rookies is never immediate, no matter how much slobber we dripped on them back in April.

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