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Ryan Tannehill doesn’t like orange. Or, more accurately, his click-inducing wife doesn’t like orange. She’s changed her opinion on that divisive color in the Tannehill household since draft day, and we know this because she now wears orange articles of clothing made with very little fabric.

On your fantasy draft day and beyond, you’ll agree with Lauren. The color orange sucks, and if your starting quarterback this year is wearing that color combined with teal, that’s the ultimate sign of desperation.

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Less David Garrard means more Ryan Tannehill and more Lauren Tannehill. Pageviews, something something.

Mystery knee surgery is infinitely worse than both mystery ice cream, and picking out a mystery chocolate from a box of chocolates without looking at the chart.

But alas, that’s the fate dealt to Dolphins quarterback David Garrard. One man’s loss could lead to a gain by many men, as with Garrard down Ryan Tannehill now has a chance to grab the starting QB job in Miami with his performance throughout the rest of the preseason, and if he’s successful we’ll get more shameless in-game shots of his wife Lauren.

Everybody wins, except probably the Dolphins.

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Being a Canadian NFL fan is mostly pretty ballin’, as the kids say. Free from geographical obligations, the maple syrup drinking American football lover can choose to adopt and support any team, which is why there are often very random packs of fans here in the land of beaver tails which may or may not be attached to an inflatable beaver that’s always enjoyable. There’s plenty of boyish glee around here right now following the premiere of this year’s Hard Knocks last night, because for some reason the population of Dolphins fans inside The Score’s palatial downtown Toronto towers is high.

But my colleagues felt great pain last night, along with every other NFL-loving hoser. Something our fine American friends may not realize is that Hard Knocks isn’t shown on HBO Canada, which results in a long time spent searching for illegal live streams that also dump several years worth of porn onto your hardrive. So in that sense if said stream is found, you may receive many hours of viewing pleasure.

My search last night and earlier this morning that lasted for many unhealthy hours turned up blank, and Youtube clips of the premiere are heavily guarded and more rare than Olympic gold medals in this country (heyo?). So as a service to my fellow countrymen, here’s a sampling of the best clips, courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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Being a rookie quarterback in the NFL is a pretty tough gig, especially if you’re an early pick that’s expected to become the future face of the franchise. It’s a heavy burden to place on anyone’s shoulders, something that becomes even tougher when the team they play for has a rich tradition of high quality pigskin hurlers. It’s no wonder we reward these human football cannons with giant burlap sacks full of money, or at least I assume that’s how they’re paid.

The Miami Dolphins haven’t had an elite quarterback since Dan Marino was throwing deep balls to Mark Clayton back in the 80’s and 90’s. After Marino hung it up after the ’99 season, the Fish have had a revolving door at the QB position, with 15 different players taking snaps during that stretch.

Ryan Tannehill, the eighth overall pick in the last NFL draft, is hoping to change all that, and he figures he has the kind of stuff that could make him the week one starter.

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