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Failing in front of millions of people is one of my ultimate fears. Hell, failing in front of two people is terrible enough.

The Arizona Cardinals were on their way to shocking the football world in New England this afternoon. As Kevin Kolb – the new mayor of Phoenix – and company tried to kill one last minute on the clock, rookie (sort of, he missed last year due to a  knee injury)Ryan Williams fumbled at his own 30 yard line. Linebacker Brandon Spikes did a great job to get the strip.

Williams was clearly distraught. His teammates – some of them least – consoled him as Danny Woodhead looked to have won the game with a 30 yard touchdown run. The play was called back thanks to a Rob Gronkowski holding penalty. No matter, with plenty of time and the best kicker going the Patriots were a lock to spare their fans and survivor pool addicts the shock of the season thus far.

But he missed. Stephen Gostkowski missed. After providing points for the Patriots all game, Gostokowski hooked the 42 yard game winning attempt. As a result we got this wonderful picture of Pats owner Robert Kraft:

Image via Bleacher Report

Williams will be sparred the wrath of crazed Cardinals fans this week, but the running back should remember to pay it forward. Someone else had to fail in order for his day to be saved. Sending Stephen a fruit basket is the least he could do.

h/t to Big Lead Sports for the video