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Not the most surprising news of the day, but it’s worth reporting. Holmes suffered a gruesome foot injury that ended in the most comedic way possible on Sunday. The Jets have signed Jason Hill to replace Holmes in a sign the Jets may finally be done with the sham signings that have set the franchise further off course.

Though owner Woody Johnson is putting his country first this year – cough bullshit cough – it seems he’s finally learned. Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocino were staring him in the face and he didn’t blink. Progress!

And by extension, the Jets could be too, along with Mark Sanchez. It’s been a slice, you guys.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and although there are sources attached to this latest report, it’s a highly-connected rumor at this point. Read Manish Mehta’s words carefully:

“The feeling in the organization”

That’s been the feeling ever since Santonio Holmes was carted off the field Sunday during the Jets’ loss to San Francisco. Or at least it was for fans and Holmes owners, but the Jets have only confirmed so far that their top receiver won’t play in Week 5, and he’ll likely be out multiple weeks.

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Continuing our weekly Monday carnage, we have our first official word from camp Jets — which, unbelievably, is actually worse than Kamp Krusty — regarding the state of Santonio Holmes’ foot.

The initial word isn’t definitive, as is its nature, but one thing is clear from the mouth of head coach Rex Ryan: Holmes will be out for at least one week.

That’s what Ryan told the locusts of the New York media, although whether there should be optimism or pessimism associated with the rest of his words remains unclear, as the Jets still aren’t sure of a specific timetable for Holmes’ return, hinting strongly at a multiple-game absence. The X-rays came back negative, which usually means fun times, but perhaps not here. Ryan ruled out damage to the Achilles’, but greeted a question about the dreaded Lisfranc injury that sidelined Matt Schaub last year with a more tentative response, offering only an “it’s hard to say.”

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New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes was carted off the field with an apparent leg injury.

The injury occurred on a non-contact play, similar to the knee buckle that ended Darrelle Revis’ season a week ago. So yeah, it didn’t look good.

Losing his top receiver for any length of time won’t help Mark Sanchez, who already resembles a pre-school all-star with his 12 completions on 24 pass attempts today for just 98 yards with an interception. But hey, no worries Mark, because Antonio Cromartie is not only the best cornerback in the league now, he’s also the Jets’ second best wide receiver. Depth define.

We’ll pass along more information about Holmes as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Looks, they can be deceiving, and books do not prefer to be judged by their covers. While Holmes’ injury may have been similar to Revis’ from a week ago, it’s not, according to Jason La Canfora. Holmes didn’t tear his ACL, and he instead suffered a foot injury. While that sounds like good news because it is good news, the severity of said foot injury isn’t known yet. So the waiting game begins anew for Holmes owners, and anyone insane enough to start Sanchez in a two QB league, or ever.

Ask Matt Schaub what he thinks about really severe foot injuries.

During times of childhood innocence, we’re all told to say nothing if we don’t have anything nice to say. For me that mantra for a happy, loving life worked well as a six-year-old until someone dared to touch my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, and especially Leonardo. That’s usually when viscous verbal barbs flew freely, and my new enemy was said to have pants that stink, or perhaps even poo breath.

Santonio Holmes surely had this same speech as a young chap, and he ignored it entirely, instead choosing to complain to his childhood friends about his receptions. But for Holmes the speech went beyond just not saying anything mean. Instead he was also told that if he doesn’t have anything intelligent to say that’s not completely contradictory, he probably shouldn’t say anything.

Too late.

In yet another example that Holmes is making the babiest baby steps possible as he learns to speak with the media properly after six years in the league and at the age of 28, Holmes had two comments during a radio appearance yesterday that when put side-by-side, they make absolutely no sense.

The first was paraphrased by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, who noted that during his ESPN 1050 interview Holmes took ownership for the role he played in the steaming toxic mess that was the Jets locker room at the end of last season, and throughout much of the offseason. Specifically, he said he regretted comments he made that were critical of the offensive line, saying he “shouldn’t have answered those questions in that manner”.

Progress? No, not yet. There’s always an internal war with Holmes mentally, and usually it’s blind stupidity that wins.

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