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Get well, Robert. Get well fast, because the second half of the ‘Skins sked is filled with awful

If you’re like me — and all of you are — then you look at your day and anticipate potential bad stretches. The first possible land mine is when I have to put on pants (hashtag bloglife).

Last night we celebrated April Christmas when the 2013 schedule was released. Not to throw icy water on your joy, but we’re all surely aware that as far as the opponents for each team are concerned, the schedule was been essentially settled for months. Instead, what’s always important on schedule release day is when each team plays each opponent, and the order in which those games fall.

So it can be reduced to one word: stretches. If the truly challenging games are spaced out, then raise that glass. But if a gauntlet or two await, then drink the contents of said glass.

I went through the schedules, and found five such potential places where sadness is forthcoming.

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2013 NFL Schedule Released

Will RG3 be ready for Week one?

Will RG3 be ready for Week one?

The NFL unveiled the 2013 schedule on Thursday night, and there are plenty of juicy headlines. Here is our list of the 10 most intriguing games of 2013, with the Monday Night Football schedule posted below: Read the rest of this entry »