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The good folks in our social media department have dug through our dusty archives and put together some of the best moments in The Score’s history dating back to 1994, a crazy time when Sonic the Hedgehog was still really cool.

The purpose of their adventure was to fill out The Score’s Facebook timeline, and no journey through our vast vault is complete without one of the most famous interviews in the network’s history. A very candid Mike Vanderjagt may or may not have been liquored up, and he said a few things about his Colts teammates that would have been much, much better left unsaid.

So join me, and let’s travel way back to March of 2002 to relive the moment when our Canadian kicker pissed off Peyton Manning.

Thanks for ruining kickers for life, Mike…

Hip hop artist Masta Ace became an Eagles fan by hating the Cowboys, proving once again that hate unites the Eagles faithful.

Paul Brothers has made two trips to the parking lots outside of Ralph Wilson Stadium to bask in the mix of dedication and depression at a Bills tailgate party this year. The first came back in Week 2 during the home opener, when the Bills were starting their usual early-season mirage. There was joy, euphoria, a grown and gainfully employed man dressed as the joker, and talk of the “P” word.

His second visit came long after reality had dealt another crushing blow in upstate New York. It was Week 15, and instead of talking about the “P” word, the most appropriate metaphor was provided by a tailgating fan who said the Bills are a beautiful women who’s always asking her good friend who will never be more than just a friend (you) to pick her up from her boyfriend’s house. You do it, hoping you’ll get a phone number, but it never comes.

Here are the rest of Brothers’ Week 15 adventures as he chronicles the always impressive passion of Bills fans despite the cold and losing. They pioneered a brand new way of Tebowing that involves a beer bong.

Paul Brothers has had large enough man grapefruits to travel deep inside some of the wildest tailgating scenes around the NFL, with trips to Buffalo and Philadelphia this year, and Cleveland last year. And it took a trip to Pittsburgh during the madness prior to a rivalry game against the Ravens to find someone who said that God doesn’t concern himself with the outcome of football games. Tim Tebow disagrees.

So it seems there’s a level of realism and sensibility hidden amongst the inebriation for the Steelers fan who congregates with his fellow towel wavers before, during, and after games to drink alcoholic beverages and eat several animals.

Asking for a final score prediction proved difficult, though, because being able to predict a final score requires having the basic knowledge that the game hasn’t started yet. Minor details get lost once the tailgating festivities round the bend into hour five.

That’s because Dave Stephens, the frontman for We Came as Romans, was five years old when he first flirted with a Detroit Lions cheerleader. Sadly, the romance died there.

In this interview with Paul Brothers, the Detroit native and Lions fan also talked about his frustration with Ndamukong Suh’s continued idiocy. But Stephens has a different theory for what sparked the defensive end’s latest act of unchecked rage, saying he was just mad that Nickelback played the Thanksgiving halftime show in Detroit.

Makes sense.

Philadelphia is a town that worships a fictional boxer, and its reputation as an unruly and brutal sports city is fueled by the many instances of questionable fan conduct, and the haste with which fans express their displeasure.

But those two character traits aren’t necessarily negative. They’re the product of a sports environment with its passion so deeply-embedded that it borders on an obsession, and that seems to become even more intense every fall with the Eagles. Philly has celebrated just one sports championship since 1983 (the Phillies in 2008), and this year the Dream Team looked prepared to bring the city its first Super Bowl banner since 1960.

Barring a Rockey-esque miracle, that won’t happen. But prior to the Eagles’ Monday night loss to Chicago earlier this month, Paul Brothers found out that the fading championship aspirations in Philadelphia haven’t dampened the tailgating spirit.

Grown men still imitate real eagles, and they discuss plans to burn the city down when the Eagles finally win a Super Bowl in their lifetime.