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Now that football–our dear, long lost friend whose absence made the warm summer feel so, so cold–has returned and the initial excitement over the beginning of training camp has faded to a more normal, moderate level of football frenzy, we’ve quickly been reminded of something.

The first week of camp before a preseason game has been played can be brutally painful at times due to the abundance of rash judgements being made about players as they stumble through the opening days. For example, the completion percentages of quarterbacks during scrimmages in shorts are tallied as if they have any meaning whatsoever. Please, my fellow football writing brethren, feel free to analyze how players are performing based on your observations, but don’t hold those numbers up as the holy standard of late July/August evaluation.

But there’s another reason why these earlier days of NFL bliss can become something less than blissful. The endless, baseless smack talk. For now, though, the salvos and barbs being tossed around are still providing quality entertainment, especially with Jerry Jones repeatedly expressing his desire for glory holes.

The latest fun really escalated quickly. It went beyond football, and beyond any battle on the field.

The entire state of California was insulted.

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