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Dear fantasy football fanatics:

It seems the time has come for us to acknowledge that, yes, there is an entire world outside of T.Y. Hilton’s YAC, and Russell Wilson’s passer rating. There are even people in our lives who do not care about such matters. I’ve only really heard of them, this so called family unit.

But I’ve been told through various channels that it’s customary in late December to spend time with your birth mother and father, and others whose names I only vaguely remember. Really, everything is fuzzy after draft day in August.

As such, over the next three days content in this here blog space will be light. If you’re reading this early Monday morning I’m somewhere in the middle of a likely snowy Ontario highway, chugging towards the heart of my rural roots where I once labored at a mushroom farm as a young boy. Ahhh, the old country.

Alen Dumonjic will be around later this morning with his latest in-depth game tape breakdown for The Tape Never Lies (technically as I write this it is Monday morning, though it’s very much late Sunday night in my world…#bloglife). And Rob Pizzola will satiate your gambling needs with another edition of his college bowl picks. But aside from that expect things to be a little, well, empty around here as we all exhale and take a holiday sabbatical.

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We're changing teams after a long, historic run, and we also can't throw a pass over 20 yards.

My first fantasy football team featured Wayne Chrebet, Brian Griese, and Michael Westbrook. My first fantasy team sucked.

But sucking was irrelevant at the time, because the only wager involved pride. I wager my pride without thinking twice regularly on Saturday nights at local drinking establishments, so doing it in a random public league with Internet folk I didn’t know and would never know was easy. That changed later when money began to make leagues matter, but when I first stumbled upon a fantasy football league while surfing around to find the closest place to pick up tackle for a fishing trip (no, seriously), the addiction was immediate.

Over a decade later, I get to write about it now.

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Self promotion!

At 12:00 p.m. ET, the Colts will hold a press conference featuring Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay. Hate to play spoiler, but they’re likely going to announce that Manning and the team will be parting ways after 14 years together. will air a live stream of the presser, so if you’re locked in your cubicle and/or handcuffed to your desk, you won’t have to miss what is sure to be a historic moment in NFL history. I’m told it’ll be SFW.


Oh, and if you do have access to a television, you can also catch the presser live on theScore Television Network. Tune in to both at the same time and win a free one-year subscription to the Goal-Line Stand blog.

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