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New York Jets v New England Patriots

According to reports, the Tennessee Titans are expected to sign former Jets running back Shonn Greene today. Greene is expected to visit with the team this afternoon and a signing is expected to happen shortly after.

Greene has been the starting running back with the Jets since the 2011 season after backing up LaDanian Tomlinson in 2010. Last season, Greene started 14 of 16 games for the Jets and ran voer 1,063 yards and 8 touchdowns. It is expected that Greene will back up Chris Johnson and be a 3rd down & short yardage back for the Titans.

For those of you who are still playing fake football in Week 17, you’re about to enter bizzaro world. Up is down, right is left, and dogs are driving cars.

Have you been riding any meaningful Falcons player? Yeah, that could be a problem. Trusting Mike Smith is a dangerous game. Has Trent Richardson been a solid RB2 for you all year? He would probably be compelled to play through his ankle injury if this week meant anything whatsoever. Now? ha.

Those questionable snap counts for fantasy studs make your matchup mining that much more important this week. So onwards, friends, and let’s search for sleeping fantasy gold together one more time, and be wrong together.

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I understand and fully endorse your continued hatred of Shonn Greene. His 161-yard, three touchdown outburst was such a massive outlier that it occurred on the same day that I met a leprechaun. Don’t be fooled by that fraud on the Lucky Charms boxes. Those little green dudes are mean, and they’ve inspired many a douchebag tattoo.

And sure, Greene showed some burst on a few runs last week against the Patriots, and he looked particularly powerful on his touchdown run, with that score alone sort of justifying the decision to start him for those who did. But after his journey that ended with the discovery of a pot of gold two weeks ago, Greene reverted to his plodding, ineffective ways. His longest carry of the day last week was only eight yards, and overall he finished with 54 yards on 16 carries. The arithmetic on that ends in a very mediocre 3.4 yards per carry, which is right on par for a running back who’s averaging 3.5 for the year, even after his Week 6 outburst against a poor Colts run defense.

Taking that further, Week 6 was the only game when Greene’s per carry average climbed above 3.5. He’s been awful, he’s still awful, and under normal conditions today against the league’s third-ranked Dolphins rushing defense that’s allowed only three rushing scores and is giving up ojust 78.2 yards per game, more awfulness would be forthcoming, and your decision Re: Greene would be easy. Bench him, and perhaps burn pictures of him too if you’d really like to take this whole fake team thing way too far.

But normal circumstances are about to get blown away today in East Rutherford, and I mean that quite literally.

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We’ve all made trades we regret. Sometimes you realize right away, and sometimes you don’t realize at all. But most fantasy fanatics have had at least one forgettable trade.

Well, to comfort you after any botched trades and inspire you to try trading again, I present the five worst trades of all-time made by real general mangers in the NFL. Take solace in the fact that you probably won’t screw up as bad as these GMs who are paid to do this:

5. Rams trade Jerome Bettis to the Steelers for TE Ernie Conwell and T Ryan Tucker

4. Buccaneers trade Steve Young to 49ers for LB Winston Moss and WR Bruce Hill

3. Colts trade Marshall Faulk to Rams for LB Mike Peterson and DE Brad Scioli

2. Vikings trade five players and six draft picks for Herschel Walker. Those picks would include Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. Walker would play three uninspiring years in Minnesota.

1. Colts trade John Elway to Broncos for QB Mark Hermann, T Chris Hinton and G Ron Solt

At least your mistakes impact rosters and teams that don’t really exist.

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Shonn Greene could sit out for the entire second half of the Jets’ game against the Colts and have a few hero popsicles just like old times in Pop Warner. Maybe grandpa will also chuck in a slice of pizza, and then he’ll go home and play Mega Man. This is also known as my average Saturday night.

Of course, he’s not sitting out for the second half, because that just wouldn’t make any sense. No, none at all, especially after in the first half Greene was just three yards short of his season-high of 94 rushing yards in Week 1. Yep, three yards short of a season-high in two quarters, and with two early third quarter carries he’s now exceeded that mark with over 26 minutes of game clock left.

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Shonn Greene has now sunk to the periphery of NFL running backs, a far off land ruled by Beanie Wells and Mark Ingram, and its environment is similar to the land of misfit toys. Cold, barren, and home to the defected.

He’s still very much leading that group, but that’s only because of his status as the Jets’ featured back which is growing increasingly shaky, and his name value, of which he has some, which is notable because it’s more than none.

His performance thus far (which has been poor) after his 2011 season (also poor) may lead you to believe that he’s becoming irrelevant as a fantasy option, and he’s only a desperation play. And indeed that should be the case, as dropping Greene will soon be a heavily considered move if he puts together another week in which running into bodies is his preferred Sunday activity.

Most of you are still hanging on to the Jets runner, and I can only assume you’re doing that for one reason: byes that start now and don’t end until Week 11, and their rotating ritual of thinning out rosters. To that I say godspeed, friend, for disappointment will likely be a frequent emotion in your near future.

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