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Will Ferrell seems to have an unhealthy man crush on Old Milwaukee. And really, who doesn’t.

A year ago everyone’s favorite news anchor who fornicates on rainbows was in a very random Old Milwaukee Super Bowl spot that aired only in the tiny town of North Platte, Nebraska. This year the well-meaning residents of Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Okla., and Glendive, Montana will be forever haunted by this…

(from the New York Daily News)

I could type anything here, and you won’t read it. I could tell you that apes are taking over the planet, or that international law is currently being discussed which will mandate that all food must contain some form of ice cream.

But if you are reading, know this: Jesse Heiman — who plays the nerdy tech guy to Bar Refaeli’s natural hot girl/supermodel role in the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial below — reportedly needed 45 takes to get this “right”. What a champ.

The 34-year-old Heiman is actually a reasonably seasoned actor, as he’s had small TV roles in The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee, in addition to film roles in Old School and The Social Network. They’re mostly uncredited or anonymous appearances (he was a “water fountain drinker” in Parks and Recreaction), but regardless, he’s still been consistently bouncing around Hollywood since 2001.

A Go Daddy rep had a simple explanation for the long afternoon of shooting:

“He had never been in a Super Bowl commercial … and never kissed a supermodel before.”

Yes, that explanation is acceptable.

Heiman also added that he felt like he won the “championship of men.” If such a belt existed, we would award it to you for all of eternity, fine sir.

Companies shell out millions of dollars and pull out all of the stops for just 30 seconds of Super Bowl airtime. They know for that 30 seconds, they’ll have the world’s undivided attention, so they better make it count (well maybe not undivided, as many folks will be stuffing their faces with heart-attack inducing snacks or guzzling cheap, domestic beer).

Most of these companies prey on our obsession with nostalgia. They trot out faces from our pop culture past, hoping to tug on our heartstrings while we loudly proclaim “Oh, I thought Yakov Smirnoff was dead”.

While I enjoy seeing how poorly stars from the 80′s have aged, last year Honda crossed the line.

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Generally, the goal in advertising is to sell a product, and to do so creatively. Or so I’m told.

If a hook is latched into the viewer’s mind, they may buy the product. Usually this is accomplished with talking frogs, larges horses and a donkey, or repeatedly driving over a woman who’s using her last breath to reach for a bag of chips. Hey, whatever works.

Sometimes — just sometimes — there’s often also a line or two tossed in during a commercial which is meant to sink that hook deeper into a viewer’s mind. That’s what happened with this Taco Bell commercial that was set to air Sunday, and it’s since been pulled. Let’s see if you can tell why in a rare move, the company that produced this short spot yanked it earlier this week.

Did you catch it? It’s this…

Veggies on gameday is like punting on fourth and one. It’s a cop out.

No, seriously. That drew the ire of a group that’s safeguarding the health and/or girth of America, the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Vegetables are good for you, and taco grease which results in a near immediate porcelain pilgrimage isn’t. We all know this, but strangely, Taco Bell is still in the business of selling tacos.

Nonetheless, the CSPI deemed the ad an “attack on vegetables”. Maybe, but surely it’s not worse than the great broccoli banishment of 1952, in which an entire race of vegetables was locked in dark underground cells. We nearly erased broccoli forever.

To stop another vegetable war, Taco Bell pulled their add. Oddly, though, it seems they use vegetables in their tacos.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“We love vegetables. In fact each year, we serve our customers more than 45 millions of pounds of tomatoes, 122 millions of pounds of lettuce, 7 million pounds of onions and 412 thousands of pounds of cilantro,” Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch said in a statement. “When we realized the ad was misconstrued, we sided with the vegetables and pulled it.”

You win this time, vegetables. But this isn’t over.

Bud light commercials are worse in 3D.

The numbers don’t lie. This year’s Super Bowl will be the most expensive for advertisers, $4 million the going rate for a 30 second spot. The folks over at Time have tipped the five hottest trends for this year, including longer commercials, ‘real people’, funny people(..) and targeting multi-screen viewers.

Ads and the big game have come a long way.

1973 — Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett

Youtube comment of choice: “man commercials sucked back then”

Broadway Joe was the most marketable NFL player in the early 70s. His brash persona coupled with good looks and boyish charm made him the perfect front man for Noxzema’s ‘clean yourself up, you look terrible’ ad campaign. Namath would go on to guest star on several television shows, including The Brady Bunch, The Dean Martin Show and Here’s Lucy. Fawcett was an unknown commodity when the commercial aired during Super Bowl VII.

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Yes, it seems that major car companies want you to believe that shiny, expensive vehicles function as glistening beacons to blond women everywhere. They all meet on Tuesdays to schematically plan their pursuit of these cars. Please bring punch and pie.

That’s the theme of the Mercedes-Benz commercial for this year’s celebration of gluttony that is Super Bowl advertising, with a 30-second spot costing a cool $4 million. As they leak or are rejected (oddly, network executives frown on advertising porn publicly), we’ll be posting Super Bowl ads all week, because although some may hate to admit they enjoy such low-hanging fruit, the commercials are part of the Super Bowl package.

They entertain and confuse, and best of all, they give us monkeys playing bongos. We’ll also critique commercials during the game, because hard-hitting journo work remains our top priority (would you like a back rub?).

So with that I give you the extended Mercedes-Benz ad released today. Oh also, Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton (SEO, ya’ll).