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The 49ers shoveled the required heaping mounds of dirt on themselves during the first half Sunday in a thorough burial. That’s why while Niners supporters can continue to spit hot fire and analyze Jimmy Smith’s possible pass interference on Michael Crabtree until they turn several colors that aren’t human, it’s pretty difficult to say that one single play determined the outcome of the game. When a team is down by more than three touchdowns at any point, one possible blown call wasn’t the difference.

The 49ers lost Super Bowl XLVII because of their first-half mistakes and inability to even imitate the dominant defensive team they were all season. One of those mistakes was Colin Kaepernick’s second-quarter interception on a ball that sailed high above Randy Moss’ head as the supposed best receiver in the history of the NFL did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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There’s a bad Ray Lewis joke to be made here about an armored car.

Go ahead, do your work, comedians of the Internet. No one is exhausted after two weeks of Lewis hilarity on the Twitters.

Thanks, Rob Carlin

Pictured on the left: The next quarterback of the New York Jets? Bills?

In this season of pistol offenses, spread formations, and mobile quarterbacks, it was hard not to get caught up in the offensive evolution of the NFL. After all, the league doesn’t have many seasons like the one we just witnessed, as most coaches are rather close-minded when it comes to evolving.

In the endless hours leading up to the Super Bowl, sports networks exhausted the topic of mobile quarterbacks and how successful they can be, using Colin Kaepernick’s rise as the springboard for their debate. One network asked if mobile quarterbacks will ever overtake pure pocket passers as the standard of the position, and all four of its analysts shot that idea down rather quickly. And so did Joe Flacco, emphatically.

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Late last night as I tried to comprehend what I had just watched, initially the best word to describe Super Bowl XLVII was “weird“.

It was weird because of the both the obvious (a 34-minute blackout), and the unpredictable (Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kickoff return that set a new Super Bowl record). But most of all, it was odd because it truly defined one of the most dusty of all football clichés in the most extreme way possible. It was a tale of two halves.

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Will Ferrell seems to have an unhealthy man crush on Old Milwaukee. And really, who doesn’t.

A year ago everyone’s favorite news anchor who fornicates on rainbows was in a very random Old Milwaukee Super Bowl spot that aired only in the tiny town of North Platte, Nebraska. This year the well-meaning residents of Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Okla., and Glendive, Montana will be forever haunted by this…

(from the New York Daily News)

This quote was passed along in the comments section of our original post on the play last night. You 49ers fans know it as the non-call that will be the source of all your anger until next fall. Or maybe the next time your team is on the winning side of such a call.

But it deserves to be highlighted and elaborated on a bit further, because although Michael Crabtree was quite clearly upset at not getting the pass interference call, he spoke some serious truth about a much larger reason for why no yellow hanky fell on the field during the 49ers’ final — and failed — offensive play.

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This guy approves.

It feels like I write this post every year. Oh, that’s right. I do write this post every year.

Yes, this is your yearly reminder that the NFL is the ruler of all living things. For the fourth straight year, the Super Bowl topped its viewership over the previous year.

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