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Seriously, this seven-nation army chant trend needs to die many horrible deaths. There’s some possible NSFW language below, though I can’t really tell.

A fan base that celebrates amid the sweet tunes of “Thank God I’m a country boy” is a fan base that’s a friend of mine. Ravens fans mostly behaved themselves, with only about a dozen arrests despite the rampant intoxication. Meanwhile, 49ers fans didn’t handle their groin kick so well down by the bay. San Francisco beat Baltimore’s preliminary arrest count, with 25 people taken downtown.

Oh and also, of course Michael Phelps was on the field last night. Everyone’s favorite hipster swimmer guy fits right in among his pigskin friends…

Emotions are running high in the immediate hours after any loss, and that’s multiplied ten-fold following the Super Bowl. Have you ever been forced to briefly be a part of someone else’s celebration after one of the biggest accomplishments in their life? Yeah, being roped off as that confetti falls looks like great fun.

So you can begin to understand why, likely out of frustration, 49ers running back Frank Gore said this during his post-game interviews last night:

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I don’t care if Joe Flacco is or isn’t elite, although if you do, I understand why. That word and that classification has been so deeply over-saturated in football discourse that the significance of being called “elite” has nearly vanished. In some ways, being elite has about as much meaning as being a winner, which has no meaning whatsoever.

If Colin Kaepernick was able to connect with Michael Crabtree in the end zone and then the 49ers defense held on to the lead, would Flacco still be elite, even though he lost? In the eyes of many, his elite performance would have then been tarnished by an unfavorable ending.

The larger question then is this: who cares?

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Super Bowl XLVII had a little bit of everything. It had a game changing blackout, the reunion of a once popular R&B group, an almost comeback by a rookie quarterback and the final hurrah of a legendary linebacker.

This was also a night where sports journalists are transformed from seasoned pros into excited fans. Sure, they do their jobs and try to stay unbiased, but on Super Bowl Sunday (especially when the game is this fantastic), everyone leaps out of their seat as if they were 12-years old again.

Here’s a collection of Post Super Bowl reaction from a wide variety of media sources.

A “Power surge” (or the illuminati) caused the lights to go out in t he 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. The issue took a little over a half hour of time to resolve, and resulted in a number of wonderfully half-lit pictures.

All images courtesy Getty.

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In my mind I searched for better words to describe this Super Bowl (indeed, “awesome” and “what the hell?” are words that also would have sufficed), but that one feels the most appropriate. It was weird.

Why? Well, let’s review the oddities we witnessed tonight along the way as the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, their second championship in franchise history.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

Here’s the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation with reaction from John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.

Video via ESPYS2012