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When there's nothing left to lose.

“Remember this moment. Remember how awful Fitz is. Don’t let anyone talk to you about his TD numbers and try to argue he’s decent. He’s atrocious.”

“That first down throw might be Fitz’s worst yet. I’m impressed that he’s finding new lows.”

“At this point, we all should just stop watching.”

There came a point two years ago when I wondered why I even bothered. Read the rest of this entry »

Tarvaris Jackson will start several games for Bills this year – let that sink in.

I’ll try to keep this as fantasy related as possible, but my sense of impending doom may lead me astray at times. I apologize in advance.

The Bills closed out their preseason – that glorified home game against Detroit every year is a slap in the face to fans in attendance – on Saturday night. The score is irrelevant but there were some takeaways from the loss against Pittsburgh. Stevie Johnson is still good for dropping a few balls a game. Ryan Fitzpatrick is still an average quarterback that can play above his skill level in spurts. The defense will be solid, but prone to a soul crushing 98-yard drive every now and then.

Most frighteningly there was also Vince Young being so terrible – so bad – that Buddy Nix went out and acquired Tarvaris fuckin’ Jackson in what is sadly an upgrade at the most important position in the sport.

If you’re thinking of taking Fitzpatrick in the later rounds of your draft for insurance, please stop. For your sake, and for my sake when the masses jump on twitter and find new ways to trash the guy from Haaahvad for being terrible. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes when I type things here on the blog machine, I make predictions and they’re right. Not oftentimes, just sometimes. Rare times.

And when I try to predict the outcome of future events and am correct, I feel the urge to remind you. I then I try to suppress that urge, knowing full well that such an action leads to an image of pretentious douchebagery, and I’ll acquire a reputation of being a person who thoroughly enjoys the fragrance of his own flatulence.

Or perhaps it would just further that image. Either way, nothing good comes of such an action, which is fine, because one can only be boastful once a correct statement is made. So being restrained isn’t something I’ve had to worry about very often, meaning what’s about to happen could be a first in GLS history.

I could be right about something. Thank you, Tarvaris Jackson, and your replacement level quarterbacking skills.

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