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As usual, the 100 Yards and Running typing monkeys are feverishly pecking away right now, and we’ll have a thorough reaction to Tom Brady getting Flacco’ed shortly. That’s led to the unleashing of a plague this world has never seen before: a 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl, and thus two weeks of hearing about two brothers, and two weeks of the Ray Lewis retirement tour as it makes a championship game stop, and consumes your life.

For now, we’ll give Terrell Suggs the floor. Hey Terrell, do you have anything you’d like to say to the Patriots?

Alright then.

BRONCOS FAN: “You are severely under dressed for this weather, sir.”

SUGGS: “I concur. May I borrow your parka and oversized oven mitts?”

Photo by ravens

Via the Ravens’ Instagram

And here it is, the finalizing of your hopes and fears, and the cause of those little bumps that have been growing on your skin. Inactives, they can still suck.

We can already confidently forecast the playing status of several players who are listed below in the conveniently labeled categories. And with the inactives/actives officially set to be announced in a few minutes we’ll continue updating this post with commentary and analysis on the notable developments.

Keep laughing your evil laugh, Robert Griffin III owners. Terrell Suggs is out.

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The severely slanted schedule today with nine early games and only two late-afternoon games is great for fantasy purposes, and awful for anyone who desires to watch as much football as possible while sitting in their underwear. Do your finger stretches, because we’re in for some serious clicker crushing today.

You’re familiar with this Sunday drill that leads to either depression or elation, or some combination of both. The inactives are trickling out now, and we’ll keep updating this post with the notable developments. So do those finger exercises by repeatedly hitting F5. It’ll feel good, and it doesn’t even require a rise from your current sitting position.

Annnd go…

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Update [October 21st]: To confirm, Suggs is active today and will play. How many downs he sees remains to be seen. The folks at Rotoworld believe Suggs will play an extremely limited role. That sounds about right. Desperation thy name is John Harbaugh.

The Ravens defense will get a boost tomorrow when they take on the high powered Houston Texans. Suggs returns to the lineup much earlier than expected after the LB suffered an injury to his right Achilles during the off-season.

After losing Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis to season ending injures the return of one of the most feared pass rushers in the league should galvanize a beleaguered unit.

In a corresponding move Baltimore cut Sergio Kindle to make room on the 53-man roster.

We have urgent, breaking news to report on a developing story (*does cannonball into a pool of ice, returns filled with shame*). Terrell Suggs is saying there’s a chance he could play Sunday. Also, there’s a chance he might not play Sunday.

In the annals of grand mission statements, words have never been abused so thoroughly. I consider myself a man of economy in terms of the amount of energy I spend doing anything, anything at all. Example: I generally choose my attire every morning by picking out the items that have the least amoount of buttons (#bloglife). So when I see the effort of speaking wasted so willingly with nothing accomplished, I feel deep pain.

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In an expedited recovery that’s in no way at all whatsoever motivated by the injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb, Terrell Suggs is “targeting and expecting” to play this week when the Ravens travel to Houston.

He’s planning this Herculean comeback from a torn Achilles in April despite the fact that a mid-November return has been the widely projected earliest possible date that we’d see a maniacal Suggs on a football field again, frothing and hurting people. And despite the fact that his first practice after returning from said injury was, well, yesterday.

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