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Forgive me if I’m a little hesitant with the ol’ trigger finger on the prediction pistol right now. Being bold ended in looking foolish last night/this morning, to which I mostly responded with a meh.

But I’ll still say this: the chances of Darrelle Revis getting traded this offseason are slim, at least for now.

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It’s with great hesitancy that we’re proclaiming in late January that Wes Welker will be available for hire on the open market in two months. That’s a lot of days, hours, and minutes for both the player and the Patriots’ front office to contemplate their next move.

But here’s a number which doesn’t bode well for Welker’s future in New England: $11.4 million.

That’s how much it will cost to use a franchise tag on him for the second straight year after he was franchised last spring, and then delayed signing his tender until the middle of the summer. He played this year under a fully guaranteed $9.5 million contract, and now the increased value of the tag is a hefty chunk of cap space to dedicate to a receiver who will blow out 32 candles on a birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles during this offseason. That age is also why New England has shown little desire to commit to Welker long term, despite his consistently stupid numbers.

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Fast guys. Everyone wants one, everyone wants to be one, and we may be about to enter an offseason when the finely-tuned athletic machine is more in demand than ever. We can in part thank Chip Kelly for that, as he’s surely about to assemble even more pieces for his new Eagles offense which suit his up-tempo style. And we can thank Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson too, all young, mobile quarterbacks who need the proper tools around to complement their skillsets.

There will maybe, likely be one such really fast guy on the open market this March. His name is Mike Wallace, and he plays wide receiver.

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In what’s now becoming the offseason for an increasing number of teams, we’re definitely not above connecting dots that have no business being connected for the purpose of discussing reaching rumors. So in that vein, let’s address this little diddy…

See, nothing there really, right? But it’s still an interesting question to ponder. There’s a relationship of some kind between Michael Vick and Andy Reid, although surely a somewhat soured one after Nick Foles remained the starter in Philadelphia even when Vick had recovered from his concussion. That link is still there, though, and with the Chiefs set to make a change at quarterback since Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have continued to be only a little bit better than Joe Webb, Vick may sadly be one of the best options available this offseason who isn’t named Alex Smith. That’s of course assuming both of those names are jettisoned by their respective teams, which seems quite likely.

Yes, the Chiefs hold the first overall pick, but that could mean little with a poor draft class at the position. A likely scenario is that Kansas City waits on a quarterback who can be groomed and developed, which then makes Vick a little more appealing as a veteran bridge. But please, don’t let this happen, fantasy overlords.

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Yesterday we did some wild speculating, which I guess didn’t make Monday much different than any other day. Our target was Percy Harvin, because there’s a strong possibility he could be traded by Minnesota this offseason, even though admittedly the odds of that possibility becoming reality seem low primarily due to the likely asking price. That’s never stopped us before, though, so the dreaming of big dreams began as we wondered what the best potential Harvin destinations would be for fantasy purposes (Harvin and A.J. Green together? Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy).

But ever so slowly the hints of a Harvin departure are piling up, so maybe — just maybe — one of those fantasy dreams will come true.

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And so it begins, as it was written.

Just as we did last week, we’ll be doing plenty of analyzing and forecasting as such things relate to a fresh and exciting batch of playoff games this weekend. We’ll also continue reflecting back on the Wild Card Weekend that was, which started earlier this morning with more lamenting of Mike Shanahan’s asshattery, and our resident betting guru Rob Pizzola has told you how much money you lost. Good times.

But there’s a reality looming that no one can think about right now due to the frenzy of the playoffs: the NFL season is ending in less than a month. Yes, please play your sad harps.

Luckily for us, though, there’s a horrible cliché for February and March: there’s no offseason. Player movement and the inherent hearsay and speculation is nearly as frenzied as the playoffs, and with it comes fantasy implications, and often significant ones.

So that’s why as needed we’ll begin slowly turning our attention towards the silliest season. Which brings this unnecessarily long-winded introduction to…Percy Harvin.

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