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When Aaron Hernandez was immediately axed by the Patriots because he maybe, probably killed someone, we were all quite rightly consumed with matters far removed from a football field. A man died, and he’s been allegedly killed by another man who was a premier player at his position, and he helped to pioneer an era in which using tight ends as wide receivers was more than just an idea. Hernandez was a 23-year-old who seemingly had everything, and now he’s about to have nothing.

There’s a football element, though, because losing a player of Hernandez’s caliber and also maybe playing without Rob Gronkowski for the first six weeks of next season won’t be enjoyable for Tom Brady. Taking that further, losing his top five receivers from last year could be about as fun as celebrating July 4 by placing a firecracker on a part of the body that’s especially sensitive to life-altering explosions.

But oh, there’s some pleasant, uplifting news for fantasy purposes. Its name is Shane Vereen.

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Want to know how I know you’re a 9/11 truther? Probably if you had the privilege to sit down with a four-star general, and you asked if the attack on the Pentagon — a place where said general spent a lot of time, and likely lost colleagues — actually happened.

That’s reportedly one of the questions Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll asked retired general Peter Chiarelli, according to Jack Dickey’s classic June in the NFL story over at Deadspin. These quick-ish posts that pass along an item which may be of, er, interest to you usually exclude Deadspin, mostly because those folks win the Internet hourly. But this is a fine exception.

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Just over a week ago Aaron Rodgers said something which confirmed that Randall Cobb is on both his reality football team, and his fantasy football team. Oh sure, when he told us that Cobb is an easy candidate for a 100-catch season in 2013 (FYI: he is), Rodgers tried to come off as though he’s just really excited about his receiver who could see many, many more targets now with Greg Jennings gone.

But that was all a masquerade. Make no mistake about it: Rodgers is going against all conventional fantasy football wisdom by drafting himself in the first round, and then he’ll take Cobb in the second like a crazy man. His running backs will then be some combination of Fred Taylor, Emmitt Smith, and O.J. Simpson, and it won’t matter.

That’s because since his job description (umm, Packers quarterback) requires him to throw a lot of footballs in Cobb’s direction, Rodgers has picked up on a piece of information that will be very valuable to the shifty receiver’s fantasy owners going forward.

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I honestly, really tried to go a full day without writing about Rob Gronkowski’s back, and the fantasy implications of his injury. Or just Gronkowski in general. I like you man, I really do. But we need to take a break.

However, NFL Network’s Albert Breer is connected — as most Albert Breer-type media folk are — and he passed along some interesting information regarding Gronk and the recovery he now faces. For those of you who aren’t on the Twitters eight hours a day (*lowers head, shifts slightly in chair to increase blood circulation*) I thought it was worth passing on.

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Cam Newton spoke in front of a microphone today. That microphone was mounted on a podium, and that podium was in a room filled with grotesquely overweight men members of the media.

Players do this sporadically during OTAs, because we — their fake team employers — must always know what’s on their mind. How do you feel, Cam? Can you please read my palms and tell me if I’ll be struck by a rogue construction ladder today? Bless us with your almighty words.

Usually, this exercise results in little more than a well-rehearsed back-and-forth volley. The media guy asks a narrative-baiting question, and the football guy gives him the answer he seeks so that everyone leaves satisfied. This is how the hot dog is made, kids.

But today, Newton said something that’s…interesting.

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We’ve written quite a bit about Robert Griffin III today, mostly because through both the quote bomb he dropped this morning and some fun weekend catchup, there’s been a lot to write. But now as his rehab continues and as we keep getting filled with glorious hope that one of the premier fantasy quarterbacks will be back and healthy and just fine thanks, we’ve also been reminded of some interesting numbers regarding ACL recoveries.

And by “interesting”, I mean utterly soul crushing.

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I highlighted lots of numbers while assessing the fantasy implications of Michael Crabtree’s injury that’s set to keep him out until at least Week 12 this fall, which is nearly the entire fantasy regular season. Not good.

Now I’ve compiled a few more interesting digits from some people who do really awesome things with numbers and that device you use to add them together.

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