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This should be greeted with the proverbial grain or bag of salt, whichever you prefer. But since Michael Vick has made a habit of getting crunched and bent in directions which go against the intended design of the human body throughout his career, the urgent breaking news below is still…interesting.

As part of a story in which the progress of the Eagles’ quarterbacks so far early in the offseason is discussed (because that’s not happening 19 times daily), the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Zach Berman observed this about Vick:

He’s noticeably bigger and enthused about the offense. For Vick’s critics, it’s easy to say this is excitement he’s expressed in the past.

The bolding is mine, because we have that technology around here.

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Mark Sanchez sucks. I’d say we can all agree on that, but long ago — likely sometime during a Tim Tebow post — I became convinced there’s very little we can all agree on.

How ’bout this: Mark Sanchez is really, really bad at being a quarterback, and the only reason he hasn’t been cut yet is because of the mountainous sum of guaranteed money left on this contract for the 2013 season. Specifically, that number sits at $8.25 million. For some context to show how horribly awful that is, Aaron Rodgers will average $7.7 annually in guaranteed cash throughout the life of his new contract. You now have permission to cry if you’re a supporter of the New York Jets.

But what if, in some glorious twist of fate, the Jets were able to concoct a scenario where they just said screw it and traded Sanchez, while eating a significant portion of his remaining guaranteed money?

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Well, sort of. He’ll be worked like an intern and be lost when his fellow interns begin discussing whatever it is that kids talk about (pogs?), but he’ll do work that’s not very intern-y. For Ryan Clark, his summer “internship” is really a second career audition.

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As our search for fantasy value continues following the draft and we meander through the deepest depths of depth charts, my wandering gaze keeps coming back to the 49ers. Other members of the male species may have more conventional targets for said gaze. Not I.

Oh, those wild and crazy 49ers. When Colin Kaepernick isn’t loving himself tenderly while reminding us that he has a lot of money, he’ll be going all beastmode, especially with new receiver Anquan Boldin. Meanwhile, first-round pick Eric Reid should do just fine in Dashon Goldson’s old hole, and usually when you draft a guy who’s nicknamed Tank (Cornellius Carradine in the second round), that ends pretty well.

But it’s the 49ers’ other second-round pick who could provide sleeper value. Let’s meet Vance McDonald together.

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Remember that time a few minutes ago when I was dismayed that something cool and fun wasn’t available for my posting delight at this mid morning hour? The Internet wins again.

Often throughout each NFL season we hear tales of Peyton Manning’s remarkable dedication to detail which borders on insanity. He’s probably far more dedicated to his job than anything you or I will ever do in our lives. That’s not anything to be ashamed of, as it’s just a fact of life.

Manning spoke at a coaching clinic in April, and Joe Harrington — who’s been the video coordinator at the University of Tennessee for over two decades, including Manning’s time there — was present too. Which is good, because it gave him a platform to tell this story which comes to us from Dr. Saturday (via

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A lot of interesting football things flash across my computer screen on a daily basis. Such is life when you’re tasked with searching around the murkiest and mildew-filled corners of the web for interesting football things and deciphering their meaning, or at the very least passing them along to you fine people for the sake of discussion.

Often many of these things are filed away for future use. But sometimes a stat comes with enough quirk that it merits a quick mention on its own. As you’ve gathered from this poor foreshadowing, this is one of those times.

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That’s the everlasting question of our time. Or at least the time which extends from now until, oh, about a week from now.

We know that Welker will test free agency, knowledge which was bestowed upon us yesterday. And we know that the Patriots remain close to a long-term deal with him, though how close depends on how you’d like to believe and place your trust in. Personally, I advise taking the Frank Underwood approach, and trusting about two people at all times while sporadically talking to a third imaginary person who you’ll pretend is watching from their living room. Not weird at all.

(Quick aside: apologies for the abundance of House of Cards references today…I finished it last night, and you need to take the rest of the day off and watch season one in its entirety now. I said it’s OK.)

But what, exactly, is Welker worth? And why aren’t the Patriots willing to pay whatever sum that is, and do it right now?

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